Airport metal detectors - Beware!

Don’t know if you’ve come across this but I have found that my digital hearing aids cease to work properly - (crackling/interference)…, or have shut down completely after going through a walk-through airport metal detector.

So now I always take it out and put it through the x-ray basket with my camera, etc. before walking through. Have had no problems since.

Has anyone else found this?

NOTE: Sorry! I’ve just realised I’ve posted this on the wrong forum - oops! Please can this be moved to Digital HA’s forum. Thanks.

Been through metal detectors. Never had a problem

Which hearing aids do you use?

Never had a problem with my CIC aids. One analog and the other is digital.

Phonak Supero and another cheap one that was on the NHS (sorry can’t remember the name of it). It could be that there were problems with these particular models but I prefer not to take any chances and it’s no biggie to take them out at the security check.
I’d be really interested to know the reason they prevent people with pacemakers walking through if not for risk of potential interference with their function. Any thoughts on this? Also other electronic stuff goes through x-ray - and thats prob because most are encased in metal - but is there a risk of electronic interference here too? I don’t know! Am I overthinking all this?! Somebody set me straight! :confused:

I have a Phonak Supero and have never had a problem going through metal detectors. No odd sounds or cutting out or anything.