Air bone gap. Where to now?

I got my audiogram back which showed moderate high frequency loss in both ears but an air bone gap of 10-20db between the ranges of 2khz and 4khz. This is therefore showing a greater hearing loss in my left ear. Is there a way to work out what is causing the conductive loss?

I find having milk causes me to have more of a conductive loss. Stay off milk and it’s slightly improves for me.

The most common cause is apparently Otosclerosis. I had a Stapedectomy many years ago that failed because they found I had scar tissue packing the middle ear. AT that time my doctors were not able to determine the cause before my surgery.

I understand that now bone conduction hearing aids are the preferred solution for either cause. I am not a medical professional, but I suggest you try the AdHear, SoundArc and/or Ponto brand nonsurgical bone conduction hearing aids.

I am trying a nonsurgical bone conduction hearing aid (Ponto on a hardband) now and planning two implants (OSIA).

20 dB gap isn’t much to warrant a BAHA. BAHAs can only amplify up to around 60 dB loss.