Aids for an "active" sports life (centra, exelia, delta)

Great forum (new to it)

During the past 9 yrs (age 17-26) I have smashed, smoked, hydrated and dropped oh so many aids…
Because of my “active” lifestyle I’ve always gone for the smallest CIC’s out there (expected liftime of a BTE would be about 5 seconds)

However, since most companies now offer small, lightwight RIC’s or mBTE’s I feel for the first time I can try something else (cic’s having their disadvantages in plugging and low gain)
The aids I have in mind right now are

Siemens Centra Active
Phonac Exelia MicroBTE
Oticon Delta 8000

All experiences with either (or similar) aid are appriciated and most of all I’m interested in how they stick to your person…
Ie, do you drop them easily?
Can you stand on your head with the hearing aids in?
What happens if you shake your head? Do they come of?


if you consider a delta 8000
i would wait 1 month
and get an epoq V
it should be a better value…

you can insure your aid…

check them out

Hi Stonedeaf

I’ve seen both comments here. I wear a pair of Phonak microEleva BTE aids that are rock solid, as far as staying in place. They have a tail on the tubes that lays down in the ear concha, which anchors the aid in place really well. The aid, sitting behind the ear, and the tube, where it turns into the ear canal, also tend to hold things in place. I tried, and I can’t shake it loose. Not even close. I believe I could participate in just about any physical sport, except maybe boxing :smiley: without any problems. I think the secret is the concha ear anchor, because I’ve read about one or two other people that have had problems with the tubes popping out during normal daily activities.


Hi Stonedeaf

I don’t know about the Centra Active or the Delta, but I suspect the Exelia will have the concha anchor. Plus you should have at least a month trial period, so you can bring them back if they don’t stay in place.