Aid has to warm up before working

I have had Oticon Mini RITE Agil Pros for over two years. The right one no longer turns on when the battery door is closed after sitting on my night stand over night. I held it in my hand this am to warm it since as it sits on my ear for a while it works. After it warmed in my hand this am, it functioned normally when I turned it on. Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts as to why this occurs? Going to see my AUDI next week. Going to ask to have the aid sent back to Oticon to be checked out. I am curious as to others experiences.

Sounds like it could be a battery or battery contact problem. How cold is the bedroom at night? Try putting the HA’s in a drawer to keep them a little warmer and see if it works. Good luck!

I would try a good cleaning and a store 'n dry… (much safer/warmer than on the nightstand)

I’d bring it to the audiologist. HA should work when the battery compartment is closed with no delays.


Thanks for your replies. Room temp can go to 60 during night and back up to 70 by morning. I noticed that it did not work at startup after it fell off of my nightstand to the hardwood floor. After I put it in and on my ear it will slowly come to life. That is why I tried holding it before I closed the battery door. I have put it in a dryer canister with no help. I do not know of any internal cleaning technique. I will discuss again the issue with my AUDI next week. Not sure that sending back to Oticon is appropriate at this time. Was wondering how widespread this problem might be. It seems not to be a common problem. I suspect that some connection separated when it hit the floor and comes back together when warm and expanded. Too chicken to drop it again! Thanks for your input.

Don’t clean anything or change what you are doing. Try a different batch of batteries first, the increase in performance with temperature increase is a classic battery characteristic.

It’s easy to forget, but the batteries are essentially burning zinc, if you raise the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius you will double the reaction within the battery.

Some aids have a built-in, programmable delay. My Siemens are set to delay turning on for 12 seconds after the battery door is closed.

Perhaps yours have this setting in the one that delays turning on?

one would assume he’s using the same pack of batteries for both sides and only one side is having the problem. 60 isn’t cold enough to affect battery performance. since we now know this started after the aid was dropping on a hardwood floor I think we have the answer.

Aye, that as well, but its a funny circuit that improves with heating: could be the increase in humidity too I suppose.

Yes, it could be humidity. I have trouble turning on my Starkey bte after putting the aid in store n dry overnight.

If the aid wasn’t taking this long to start up before dropping it on to a hard floor then it tells you that dropping it has made the aid behave like it which means there is likely to be a loose connection maybe? Send it for a clean and check service, they will tell you if it is not working right

Turned out to be the speaker that that goes in the ear and is on the end of the little cable. Replaced it and the aid has been coming on as it is supposed to in the am. Its volume is up to what I assume it should be. Perhaps the speaker was going bad or the fitting in the main body of the HA was bad. Either way the HA works. I’ll update as needed. Thanks for your comments and concern.