Aid causing ear ache :(

As I mentioned in this thread I got fitted for a pair of Resound Vivid’s.

I was going to post a separate ‘review’ but what I will say here is that my only disappointment with the Resound is that the Costco version forces you to adjust (for Program or Volume) each Aid individually - rather than changing programs on say the right ear automagically changes the left - it doesn’t .

Back to the subject. Shortly after wearing the aids I experienced real discomfort in my right ear that I can only describe as an ear ache - not an irritation or the like. The fellow at Costco changed the dome from one that looked like a mushroom (sorry, don’t know what its really called) to one that looked like a small barrel and removed the plastic piece that helps keep the aid in the ear.

For a day it seemed to help but yesterday after approx. 5 or 6 hours the ear ache returned and it lasted thru the nite.

I can’t place it with any environmental issues like wind or the like and am wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience with what might be causing this.

Thanks in advance.

It’s not just the Costco version. To my knowledge, no current US GN ReSound aids have the wireless communication between aids that lets you adjust both by just adjusting one.

The mushroom domes are called open domes, and usually come in 7, 8, and 10 mm sizes. The barrel dome you refer to is called a tulip dome, if it’s one that has two flaps that overlap, with one flap being slightly larger than the other.

Hope you get past the earaches soon.

A problem I’ve had is driving in the summer with auto air conditioning which, in most cars, blows on my right ear. During one span of years I’d get an ear infection in my right ear every summer in July or August. Took me far too long to figure out the cause.

That was commuting in 100+degree weather in Dallas, Texas

If domes don’t fit properly they will cause ear pain that will not go away. earaches are caused by ear infections and have nothing to do with hearing aids. Assuming you do not have an ear infection then the problem is most likely the aid or the dome.

Thanks all for the info.

Still experiencing pain after a few hours. Last for quite some time after removing the Aids. Will try one more consult with the Costco ‘Audi’ and post back.

I had the same problem and fixed it by going down (1) size for the dome.
Sometimes, one ear is more sensitive and cannot take the irritation of constant pressure even if it is very light or it is just a different size cavity than the other ear.
Give it a try.