Affordable solution for Profound Hearing loss

Dear All,
I am new to this forum. I am very much excited to see this forum and would like to take some experienced advices from you.
My mother has profound hearing loss. The audiogram showed Pure Tone average as 105 dB. She is currently using a Siemense Analog HA since 2002. She is happy with it as she didn’t have good benifits from the HAs used before that.
Now I saw in various articles about the advances in this area which is giving me hope for my mother to get a better hearing at this age (70+).
I am currently living in Germany. When checked up in some of the shops here, the cost proposed for the latest items is above 2500Euro per piece which is far beyond my budget.
I am looking for a decent one even if it improves it to a noticeable level from what is now. Unfortunately I cannot afford more than $600.

Among many checked, I found the one ELECTONE TANGO 3SP in EBAY which is well within my budget. I would like to have some experiences on the model from someone here in this forum.

Or do anyone has positive experience with any other model whcih comes within this budget? Could you please share it?

I am from India. Is there any experiences with Indian brands? Are they also OK? Any brand suggestible?

Thanks you very much in anticipation



There are things to consider. Cost vs. improvement. The cost of two new digital hearing aids could run you between $5000-$6000. The question is will they benefit your mother enough to justify the cost. Make sure you get a money back guarantee and a trial period. Have a new audiogram done on your mom and see where her hearing is at right now. I mean have you yourself noticed a decline in your Mom’s ability to hear. Ask your mother for her opinion. You say she’s happy with her current aids. No point putting yourself or your mom through a whole lot of aggravation if she has no desire to switch aids. True there have been major improvements in aids over the past 5 yrs. But these improvements usually require numerous visits to the audiologists to get the adjustments just right, which can be time consuming and may require a great deal of patience. Phonak Nadia V, Resound Azure Power, or Oticon Sumo are just three suggestions of power aids for profound hearing loss currently out on the market, there are others.

Thank you very much for your experienced views. That is a very good starting point for me. It will definitely help in choosing a right solution.
I will come back on this later.


I believe GN has a super power call trimflexplus, while it is a 1 channel digital aid-
it should be well in your range. I will check the GN resound sparx as well

I purchased a pair of Electone Tango 3P from and have found them to be an excellent value. Although they are about twice as large as the $2000 Costco Rexton GEM hearing aids, they are also less than a quarter the price! Although I liked the Costco aids, I found that I was only wearing them on specific occasions when I was meeting with people or going out to movies. I have high range hearing loss so can hear okay for the most part but need help when speech is soft or there is loud background noise. The Costco Rexton did fine on the first part (amplification) but not so good with the second since it tended to amplify the noise as much as the speech. I find the Electone Tango 3P is fairly similar in this regard - it does a good job of amplifying speech in low noise environments but also amplifies the noise in noisy environments like restaurants. Unlike the Costco aids which must be adjusted by an audiologist in the store, the Electone Tango 3P can be manually adjusted using a jeweler’s screwdriver. There are good instructions on this forum for how to adjust them and the process is quite simple, although involves some trial and error. Overall sound clarity goes to the Costco aids, largely because the speaker is in the ear canal instead of in the BTE unit. I should also point out that Siemens makes both of these hearing aids and it’s likely the Electone is an older generation.

Overall I would highly recommend the Electone Tango 3P if you have mild high range hearing loss, only want to wear hearing aids on special occasions instead of all day, and want to save money (lots!). For the latter, the price difference for a smaller and more advanced aid like the Costco Rexton GEM may be worth the price difference ($1500). I also recommend online shopping through Rob is very helpful and friendly.