Advice on if I should ask for hearing test at my appointment tomorrow?

Hi I have an appointment tomorrow to pick up my moulds for my hearing aids but feel like my hearing has changed and don’t know if they will do a hearing test I have noticed that when I am able to wear my hearing aids I am having to turn them up to nearly full to be able to get any kind of clarity in the sound of what I’m listening to or watching and even then I still have to have the sound of what I’m watching or listenIng too up as well or do you think I should wait for another appointment

I would discuss it with the provider and see what they think. In all likelihood they will want to do a retest. Which you would probably have to pay for unless you are using Costco in which case it will be free.

However, they may not have enough time allocated to you tomorrow to do both the testing and the fitting.

My bottom line, is pretty simple. If for whatever reason you think you’re hearing has changed, you should get it tested.

Best of luck!

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I get my hearing aids on the nhs in the uk so I won’t have to pay and I hope they will do a test because there is no point in them setting up my moulds which I’ve waited a year for if they are then still going to require me to turn up the volume on the hearing aids to nearly full to get any clarity thank you very much I will see what happens and update afterwards

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I would definitely ask @LRav, just tell the NHS AuD you’ve been struggling with these aids, can you retest please, they should be able to turn them up at the very least, or give you something with more output… Good luck, cheers Kev.

Thank will do really hope that I can get everything sorted out tomorrow as it’s been a year of waiting to get this appointment

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@LRav I used to have NHS hearing aids myself before I moved abroad. Firstly when your audiologist asks of any issues do bring up in order to hear speech or to understand sounds you are resorting to using the maximum volume setting and consistently too.

I have a few questions
How long have you had your hearing aids?
Are they BTE’s (tubing and moulds) RIE/RIC (usually very thin wire with what looks like a headphone earpiece, can also have small moulds too)

I ask those because it is possible it could be a age issue if they are several years old they might not be running as well as a newer hearing aid may be. Plus you mentioned moulds it could be if your tubing has gotten hard it doesn’t feed the sound like new tubing would when I say hard it feels like a hard piece of glass not flexible and clear. I usually had to replace the tubing twice yearly to prevent that happening. Also if you had moulds before do remember ears change as you age so the fit on a older mould may not give the correct seal allowing sound to escape.

Both these issues can cause sound to be muted and lastly could also be that your hearing has indeed changed requiring a more powerful aid or reciever. All my NHS AuD’s told me most of the time normal use has volume in he middle setting around 2-3 and if I was perminantly using the maximum volume setting it ment I needed either something stronger, that my hearing had gotten worse or that my hearing aids needed replacing. Good luck tomorrow hope the issues get resolved.

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The hearing aids are two years old and I use a bicros system as I have hearing loss that is virtually non existent in my left ear and a mild to severe hearing loss in my right ear I’m picking up my first set of moulds today when I first got my current set of hearing aids I didn’t need to have the volume up at all it’s only been in the last few months I have noticed that I was having to start increasing the volume on them and in recent weeks that volume has increased to having to have them up to full volume will update on how things went today later


How did it go? Hope you got the answers you were after.

Hey they where able to set up my hearings aids with the new moulds which are so much more comfortable than my open fit domes I had and they have booked me in for a hearing test as they didn’t have space to fit me in for one today they have also turned up the volume on my hearing aids as temporary thing until I get the hearing test. Unfortunately they where unable to get my mic set up to work so I don’t know what to do there but the most important thing at the minute is that I have the moulds and am a lot more comfortable wearing my cros aids

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You have a Roger myLink don’t you?

I’m truly shocked that the audiologist didn’t just know that all you needed was a telecoil program added to be able to use the Roger myLink.

Glad the moulds are helping tho.

Yeah I’ve got the roger mylink she tried to do the telicoil program but she kept getting an error message and she called someone else into help her try and sort it out but the person she called in no matter what she tried kept getting the same error but just very pleased that the moulds are very comfortable and I now feel I can wear them more without getting earache or itchy discomfort that eventually leads to pain

Aw I’m glad you had some of the issues fixed lrav. I always go for moulds too they feed sounds better imo for me at least.

Thanks the year before today has kind of been a hell of not really being able to wear the hearing aids on a daily basis due to irritation from the hearing aids causing discomfort and pain

Day two update moulds are very comfortable but finding myself having to adjust to the temporary turn up of the volume until my hearing test but the clarity is so much better than it has been for the last few months

Also got a phone call and they have booked in my hearing test for next month so that is great


Hi i had a hearing test today after picking up my moulds a month ago the moulds are working well but have discovered that i now have a mild to profound high frequency hearing lose in my right ear they want to see me again in 6 months they also going to speak to ent to see if they want to see me as this my second slight hearing change in just over a year so they thought they should speak to ent to see if anything needs to be done they have adjusted my hearing aids again and blocked out a lot more background noise which so far all seems good but can’t help but wonder if the nathos auto m i have is still good enough i don’t have a copy of my hearing test so can update on here but I believe my right ear had dropped down to between 30 and 110 db and was much more of a straight downward slope this time they also gave me a larger case to keep my hearing aids in

The Nathos Auto M is not suitable for your profound high frequency loss.

You should have the Nathos Auto SP which is the same as the Bolero V70 SP.

Are you picking up new highs since they’ve been adjusted, like birds etc?

EDIT - Just looked, the Nathos Auto M is for mild to moderately severe only.

Hi thank you I’ll ask about if the hearing aid is still suitable and if it should be changed for the nathos auto sp at my next appointment in 6 months the adjustments are helping with picking up sounds like birds but haven’t had a chance to see on all things I’ve been aware of missing out on yet and since they adjusted the amount of background noise i was getting as well things are certainly much clearer. Doe’s the nathos auto sp have volume control?

I actually went into the software for the Nathos Auto M and they do go down to 110 dB for the very last 2 high frequencies, all other frequencies, it goes as low as 60 dB (moderately severe).

It means you loss might actually still fit the Nathos Auto M.

Thanks for that I’ll see how things go at the minute i seem to be hearing a few things i couldn’t hear before alot better still having a bit of trouble with understanding certain things when watching tv or videos on YouTube but everything seems alot better so far

Hopefully it’s just a case of you brain learning to hear the new sounds and things continue to improve. Fingers crossed.

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