Advice? KS8 with only 1 month warranty $799 or KS9 w/ 3 year for $1499?

I have happily worn Costco KS7’s for nearly three years but lost one today, probably when I took off my mask.

Costco offered to trade in my remaining KS7 for a new pair of KS8’s for $799, but I would only have a one month of warranty, that is, the warranty period left on my KS7s.

Would you go for that deal on a pair of KS8s, or buy a new pair of KS9s for $1499 with the full 36 month manufacturer warranty and 24 month loss and damage warranty?

If you could possibly afford it I would go for the KS9s.

There is no right answer. Depends on what you value. If the difference in money is no big deal, the KS9s are certainly a good deal (and likely better overall value) However, if you’ve largely been satisfied with the KS7, either don’t care about streaming or have an iPhone, you could save some money with the KS8. Neither is a bad choice.

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I was looking at the warranty too. But I agree with MDB it all depends on what you can do and what you really want.

Thanks so much for the advice. Financially, it is a bit of a crap shoot. The KS8s could give me long service. On the other hand, if one dies or if I lose one in two months, then I am looking at the full $1499 to replace them any way.

Other than bluetooth, which I would enjoy, any significant difference in performance of the two models?

Thanks again for the advice.

Which is best for your needs depends on your needs. I can only say that the KS9 is a subset of the latest Phonak Marvel hearing aids. So it is newer technology than the KS8.

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How long would Costco service the KS8 aids?
The KS8 warranty offered is similar to buying used aids.

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Good question. I will ask Costco how long they will continue to service the KS8’s, given there is only a month of warranty remaining.


I have no idea re those 2 options. I DO have some ideas to prevent a future loss.

Hearing Aid retainers. Check out OtoClips. They come in several colors, and can be for BTE or ITE. Once you select what you want, check Amazon, as they are less money BUT Amazon does not offer all models in all colors. Hearing Aid Retainers

Hearing aid suspenders offer a headband style.

And if you wear glasses, there is this option:

I think many of us will end up with something, now it seems masks are staying around for awhile. Hope this helps.

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You might want to ask what it would cost to get the KS8s replaced/repaired out of warranty. I got both of my KS6s replaced for a total of $270. And the repair comes with a one year warranty. Costco continues to amaze me with the pricing deals they are able to negotiate.

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Thanks to all who provided advice. In the end, I decided to go with the KS9s for the reasons this group pointed out: newer technology, 3 year warrant instead of one month, and bluetooth streaming.

I know myself well enough to have a good change of breaking or losing one. I was pleased to see that the loss and breakage warranty is now a full 36 months. It was only 24 months for my KS7’s, or I would not be in this predicament.

Thanks again, everyone.


Had a call today from Costco saying my KS9’s had finally arrived. Appointment for the 20th for my fitting! :grimacing:

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Update!:grin:. Cancellation at Costco. Going in for my fitting tomorrow! :+1:

Good luck.

Thank you! The journey begins!

Re retainer systems with masks: I bought the socks + cord style, but found them bulky & muffled sound. Now just use a strand of fishing line filament between the HA.

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What test line are you using? Braided/monofilament? Color?

Haha - some clear mono that was hanging around from my parent’s era. If I knew how to tie flies, I would consider decorative additions by the ear. I have seen some sorta like earrings but bigger, on Etsy by 20 y/o s

My experience with KS8 leaves a lot to be desired. If you can I’d say go for the KS9.

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Costco will provide service (annual testing and adjusting as needed) for HAs purchased at Costco for as long as one owns the HAs. Also, you don’t have to continue your membership. I return for service, I just can’t purchase anything. After the three year warranty has expired there’s a fee for repair. I don’t know how much the repair would cost. I guess that depends on what needs to be fixed.

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