Advice for my father - profound? hearing loss


Hello, this may be out of place but I don’t know where to turn.
My father is almost 70, has had hearing loss starting from his 20’s and its been getting worse. After his last fitting 2 years ago he just couldn’t hear clearly or strong enough to communicate fluidly anymore, and I think it is the hearing aids’ fault not being strong enough, so he just doesn’t try anymore.
Is it possible to recommend a better hearing aid based on the tests I attached? his current device is P 8 G3(I believe) and the audiologist he just visited claimed not much can be done and suggested the Phonak Naida series with no guarantees of improvement.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is too much to ask here.

This test is from last week, if needed I can attach the one from 2 years ago:


I know everyone is different but I’ve got a profound loss and wear the Phonak Brio P-UP which is the Costco version of the Phonak Naida Q90 UP and I hear very well.

Can your father not trial the Phonak Naida and see what he thinks about them?


Testing another device isn’t really possible due to his insurance not being available again for another year(every 3 years)


I would agree that the Phonak Naida would be a good hearing aid to try. I think what may be a challenge is being tolerate the amplification he needs. He needed speech to be at 95 dB to understand it, but only tolerated 100 dB (if I’m interpreting results correctly) That’s not much of a range.


It looks like the machine would only GO to 100 dB HL given that the tester has written “max” next to his masking values.

Can nothing be done surgically? If that is a real conductive component, which I expect it is if we can trust the 88% word recognition and the low SRT. Maybe that’s a big if.

Otherwise, yeah, the Phonak Naida UP with a soft, snug earmold is a good bet. But family members will have to adjust their behaviour as well.


Thank you for the responses. I don’t think surgery is an option at this point so I guess we will try the phonak naida and go from there.