Advice for my 10 year old son

My son has had problems with his ears since he was 2-3 years old & had tubes twice. We recently noticed him having a hard time hearing in some instances & made him a ENT appt to see if he needed fluid drained or if we were gonna have to do tubes again etc… During his appt the Dr informed us that his right eardrum had collapsed & suggested we do a Baha implant. This has been difficult for my family because our first concern is obviously his quality of life & his hearing but I’m having a hard time accepting that there is no other options for this young man other than an implant in his head. Can someone with more experience in these matters tell me if there is any other surgeries etc that my son could benefit from that could help restore his hearing? We have setup a appt for a second opinion & am really Lookin for insight into this because I don’t want my son to be teased & made fun of if there are any other options!

Concerned Father.

The first thing I would do is get a second opinion from an otologist. An ENT is great, but an otologist may be able to provide more information an solutions for your son’s case. An ENT and otologist have the exact same medical training, expect the otologist after becoming certified as an ENT then spends an additional two years of medical training specializing in care of the ear only.

If it were my son, I would not rest on the opinion of one ENT, and maybe not even two ENTs. I would be looking for an otologist for a second opinion. My son has a conductive hearing loss in his left ear (suspected to be otosclerosis), he has only been seen by an ENT for it, who wanted to do nothing as my son was young and his hearing not that bad at first. Now his hearing is declining more and it’s time for an otologist to be consulted, perhaps surgery can give him back more hearing, or perhaps he should wait longer and just use his hearing aid.

Tympanoplasty perhaps? Found this on the internet, explains the procedures and the differences between them.

I’m not sure where you are located, I’m not far from Boston MA so for my own hearing issue (ossicular chain dislocation from a hard fall) I went to Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary.

Thank you so much for your input & I will definately look for a otologist in my area.

Good luck in your search. I know you want what’'s best for your son for both his hearing and his quality of life. I’m happy the ENT we first saw about my son’s hearing took a “I wouldn’t do it” attitude. He is head of the otolaryngology department at our local hospital. He suspected otosclerosis from the start. His feeling was the since my son’s hearing at that stage as so slight he didn’t feel the risks associated with the surgery outweighed the hearing gains my son may get.

We have since moved and have not seen that ENT since. My son has been wearing an aid since in his affected ear, but the hearing is declining. My son was 12 (almost 13) when the hearing loss was first discovered, he’s now 16 (almost 17) and the choice for surgery is his to make, he’s old enough to understand the risks versus the benefits.

Keep posting here, I’d like to know how things work out for your boy.

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