Advice for first timer

I’m 52, and am going next week for my first set of HA. I’ve put it off for 20 years. I’ve had Stapedectomies done twice to each ear 30 or so years ago. I have been told HA’s are doable.
So, I’ve been reading quite a bit on this website trying to at least learn the lingo. I am eager to get HA’s but am also apprehensive reading some of the posts…
I sent for my last audio from my ENT taken 2 years ago. I could barely read the photo copied page, but believe this is about what it says.
[SIZE=1][COLOR=black][FONT=Tahoma]Hz…250…500…1K…2K…3K…4K… 6K…8K

[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]My insurance offers a discount going to Truhearing. I hope to be able to get into a pair as close to what I am covered for as I can, so I can spend some out of pocket money on accessories. I understand they only cover three adjustments, and fully expect to exceed that number.
Ok, feel free to shoot me down. This is my wish list.
I would prefer something ITC or half shell. (somewhat active, bald, ) I’m not dead set against BTE, but I suppose every noobie would prefer not.
I really want Bluetooth for phone and tv.
Waterproof would be nice. (boating)

From what I have tried to research, the price of the accessories for Phonak’s seem to be less shocking than the Starkey accessories.
So in my totally don’t know what I’m talking about opinion, I thought the Q70 might fit the bill.

One more thing, and I might throw this out there in its own post.
I’m a mailman, and if any of you users out there are also, please answer this. The typical mail truck, called an LLV is the most rattling noisy thing. Especially with the fan running!! That fan gets to me and I’m impaired! I fear no matter what I end up with that I might have to shut the HA’s off when driving with the fan on.

Ok, let me have it :rolleyes:



Since your hearing is in the normal range at the low frequencies, you’ll feel plugged up if you get an ITE of any kind. An open-fit RIC such as the Phonak Audéo would be the best option. You can get that with the ComPilot/TV Link S bundle for Bluetooth connectivity. And the Audéo is water-resistant (IP57 rating). Regarding truck noise, you can mute the hearing aids rather than turning them off.

Thank You rasmus_braun for your reply.

Looking more closely at the Audeo Q’s, I have a couple more questions.

What is the difference between a HA’s features… and its programs?
I’m guessing that means the 4 programs available to the AudeoQ can be set up to adjust available feature levels within each program?

It appears that without a remote I would have to configure the push button as either volume control or a hearing program selector.
Which do you suggest the noobie to use?

Thanks again, Love this website,

Programs let your fitter customize the frequency response and sound cleaning features for different types of environments and listening siutations. Some of the features are synonymous with their program names. For example, StereoZoom is a feature but also the name of the program that implements it. Other features (such as NoiseBlock) are adjustable parameters within a program. Regarding the buttons, I would suggest starting out with just one program, the Automatic program, and configuring the buttons as volume control. You can add manual programs later and reconfigure the buttons if necessary. If you get the ComPilot, it also functions as a remote control.

Thanks again,
So, once my brain gets used to these…
If the AudeoQ’s offer 4 programs, I would have to pick 4 from this available list?
DuoPhone –
SoundRecover –
UltraZoom –
WhistleBlock –
NoiseBlock –

You don’t have to pick. Those features are all on by default (or activate automatically as needed) except for ZoomControl. ZoomControl is a manual program for situations where you can’t face the person who’s speaking, such as when driving a car.

And DuoPhone is a manual program unless you can get a phone which has a magnet that is strong enough to make it automatically switch to DuoPhone but a lot of people find it doesn’t always switch.

I’m very new too so I won’t be much help, but don’t overlook your local Vocational Rehabilitation office. Some states will purchase hearing aids one-time-only for anyone currently employed and having a significant hearing loss, no means test. A audiologist would know about this program if it’s available in your state. Good luck and no matter what you get or how you get them be patient and let your brain adjust. It’s amazing the stuff you will hear again.

Welcome, I’m very new, too, wearing Phonak Audéo Q90s. Mild hearing loss, major tinnitus, great results with the HAs. Best of luck to you.

The “programs” would be setup using some or all of those hearing aids features, but set up for specific purposes, like speech in loud background noise, outdoor windnoise, music/TV. Program 1 would be the “everything” program and although it will handle almost every situation, you may want to switch to a noise program that your pro set up for loud restaurants.

I have 1 as the general, do it all program, then 2 for traffic/roadnoise, 3 for loud background noise (we took the standard “party” program and tweaked it to have even more background noise reduction), and 4 for music.

Everything is adjustable so your programs can be tweaked and tweaked until they work like you want.

I had my eagerly awaited audi appointment today. I left a little disappointed.
Just to reiterate… Truhearing is covered by my healthcare ins. This is the only means of me getting ha’s. I understand that they only cover 3 adjustments, I also learned that the person I was seeing covers a large area, so he may only be available once a week, and strictly by appointment.

Ok, so I go to this office building for my appointment. The audi meets me and takes me into a very small office. I handed him my audi test from my ENT that was two years old. He said,“I really don’t need to give you a hearing test with this old one. I can save you some money and just do a tone test.” So he puts a pair of headphones on me right there. Not even in a sound booth. I literally could hear the hvac ventilation in the room during the test. The results showed my hearing has worsened in the high tones since my last test. I don’t have the result yet but as example, he said my 2k went from 30 two years ago to 50-60 now…

He said I have a profound hearing loss, and no matter what device I get I will still have a 30% loss of speech recognition.
I mentioned, I was told the Phonak AudeoQ 70’s RIC open fit might be a good fit for me.
He said I don’t sell Phonak’s, I don’t know anything about them.
He recommended Rexton Verso 7’s open fit (not RIC ). He said I could get into these at no cost to me. Totally covered by insurance. He said paying more for a tier 1 ha would not improve the results I would receive because of my profound high end loss.
I asked if they are Bluetooth compatible, and he said he didn’t know, but could find out.
He said for the $500 it would cost for Bluetooth accessories it wouldn’t be worth it when I would still be missing 30% of what was said.
Oh, and if I order a pair… 3-5 weeks to get ins approval (meaning paid) before receiving ha’s. I understand only 3 adjustments are covered, and I am charged for additional visits. So how many visits do you usually take to adjust? I asked. He said, “I can usually get it in the three visits.”

So here I am. Not feeling very impressed by the closet atmosphere of the office, and the kindergarten tone test…

But even more disappointed by the news that anything I get is only going to be a modest improvement .

Bottom line what I’d like to ask here is if that figure of 30% speech recognition loss with any hearing aid sounds like the proper diagnosis for my loss.

(remember test results shown here are 2 years old.)

Just a newby’s opinion who went through Hearing Planet, returned HAs, and then researched and found an AuD. Don’t settle for an inadequate hearing aid dispenser.

I wouldn’t even class the tone test as correct if it wasn’t in a soundproof room, to me that would of made it harder to hear so would of made your hearing worse. I personally wouldn’t get hearing aids from him!

Call TruHearing and tell them about your experience. Have them refer you to another audiologist in your area. There’s no way to make any sort of diagnosis about your speech recognition abilities without a proper and up-to-date hearing exam.

I would also go some place else, the whole thing seems a bit ridiculous. How could you trust a hearing test not done in a soundproof room? And guessing the speech recognition score, what’s up with that? Looking at some of the speech recognition scores people have listed here on the forum, his guess doesn’t seem very good either (my speech recognition is 100% for my left ear and 88% for my right). Not sure why he called your hearing loss profound, in many frequencies you only have a mild loss.

You need to go to someone else, hopefully someone with an office and soundproof room and not someone who works out of a briefcase.

I agree with the others, I wouldn’t be comfortable with that person.

But, he is right about one thing. If you have profound loss in the highs, even with hearing aids you will still be down 30 DB or more. But that is not just modest improvement. That would be outstanding improvement so don’t be discouraged about that.

TruHearing doesn’t sell Rexton. I smell a rat.

I would lodge a complaint with TruHearing. He SHOULD sell represent Phonak since TruHearing sells them. This guy’s a jerk and should be pointed out as such.

My TruHearing session was the complete opposite. Tone test, bone conductivity test, speech recognition test, all in stereo and ear by ear in a soundproof booth. Then we did another speech recognition test FTF with him seated behind me. He went over the results and explained what was what, what was correctable, and what wasn’t. Afterwards he pulled out a half dozen different HA brands and types, explained the pros and cons of each in his opinion, recommended the Starkey 3series i70 for me and went into a detailed explanation as to WHY, patiently answered all of my questions, addressed my concerns in a way I felt comfortable, and earned my business. I went for the Halo’s simply for the iPhone convenience. He was fine with that and was actually surprised at the small price difference. As was I!

I would recommend him highly.

Thank You all for your input.
Since I last spoke I found a new audi, he did a thorough test (in a booth even :slight_smile: ). My numbers were slightly worse than what I currently list.
Four days ago I ended up getting a pair of Starkey 3series i70’s. And I also got a Surflink Media device.
Wow. I can’t believe how much I wasn’t hearing. Just on the drive home, I usually have the volume on the radio “17”, I was able to drop it down to “10”. The ha’s have 4 programs, the audi made 1,normal 2,a bit more background noise 3,outside 4,music.
As the audi told me some getting used to was experienced. Some things I don’t need to hear have started to settle down.
I go for my first adjustment in 2 weeks. The audi said he may bump the volume up a bit. I’m pretty happy so far.
So far I really don’t have a great number of issues or complaints. Some things I don’t know whether they are adjustable or just something you have to live with. The piece in my ear can get a little itchy sometimes.
Stepping outside, wind can be a bit loud, the audi said he can tweak that. The fan in my mail truck is brutal. I couldn’t bare using it.

Now some comments on the Surflink Media.

For the amount of money this cost… it feels just a little light to me. I dread what might happen if I drop it.
The first few times streaming music took getting used to. With ear buds you don’t hear anything else around you. Streaming thru the ha’s , background noise was distracting. The sound does occasionally come and go thru one or the other ha while streaming.
Streaming cell phone calls is pretty cool. Very clear most of the time with again, occasional in and out thru one or the other ha.
A couple of complaints with the controller. If I’m streaming music and someone comes up to me and starts talking I either have to wake up the media device or my smartphone to pause the music. I wish there was a panic button that one hit would pause the music playing.
I am thinking of purchasing a TosBlue X – Toslink to Bluetooth Converter for my TV so I can stream the TV.
Any input on that device appreciated.

Well, like I said I am so far very happy, thank you all for your input.

The itchy ear will more than likely go away in time, same thing with the wind noise, you will get used to it or your audi can make some adjustments. For the fan in the truck try turning the volume down and see if that helps.

As for the Surflink: a friend of mine is now on his third or fourth one ( I’ve lost track)in less than two years, so its reliability might be a problem. As for the audio cutting out in one or the other aids from time to time that seems to happen with most of the Bluetooth streamers; the manufacturers all tell you to keep it so many inches from the HA’s and centered between them, good luck on doing that all the time. I use my Streamer for the cell phone all the time, but with the TV not all the time, it’s great when others are talking nearby and you want to hear the dialog, but if nobody is talking I just use the HA’s and save the battery life. Good luck and I hope everything continues to go well.