Advice choosing new CROS or binaural Hearing Aids

I am about to purchase new hearing aids. An audiologist suggested Oticon More 1 CROS for my hearing loss. Since I still have some hearing in my right ear I would rather continue using binaural aids. I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has made this decision and how it has worked for you. Thank you.

I can’t see your audiogram as it says your details are hidden.

I would try using two normal Aids and go from there.

I know of someone who goes to my deaf centre, here in the UK, that wears a Phonak Nathos Auto M and a Phonak Nathos Auto UP and gets on well with them.

M being the lowest power and UP being the highest power.

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I have an aided word recognition score of only 44% in my left ear and it was suggested that a CROS might improve my understanding. What I did was wear my right aid only and plugged the left side with cotton. What I lost was all sense of location. Everything and everyone sounded as if they were on my right side. I did not like the experience at all. I could see someone speaking on my left side in my peripheral vision but heard them as if they were on my right side. Not for me–at least not yet.

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Thank you Zebras. That sounds like a possible solution. I put my audiogram on my profile so I don’t know why you cannot see it. I am just learning to navigate this forum.

Thank you for your response Mark. Your experiment results are exactly what I am concerned about. I am definitely leaning toward staying with the binaural hearing aids until I lose all my hearing in my right ear.

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I can see your audiogram now, not sure why.

Your ears are not that far apart, I would definitely try two normal hearing aids.

My left ear is a lot worse but I wear two normal hearing aids.

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I have been single sided deaf with my left ear for 25 years, having a moderate hearing loss but a 100% comprehension loss. I wear Phonak Audeo Paradise 70R CROS aids that were just released to market in September. They are set up to port 100% of the left audio to my right ear and boost the high frequencies that my right aid picks up for my high frequency hearing loss in that ear.

It has been a life changing purchase. For 25 years I punished those around me for my hearing loss and refused to spend the money on hearing aids until the tech caught up with my need. It finally did this year.

I’m sure there are a lot of good CROS aids out there, but the difference is an audiologist with the patience and willingness to work with you to find the right settings.

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I have a Phonak CROS aid and love it. I just replaced my old Phonak aids with CROS with new paradise ones. Before getting them I often didn’t wear the aid on my bad side as it didn’t help me at all.

The CROS means I don’t have to worry about trying to hear someone on my bad side. Or having to turn my head, or my whole body, to hear someone on that side.

I found that wearing a CROS is not like stuffing your ear with cotton. All sound is not blocked from entering the ear with the CROS. Even with my custom earmold sound enters through the vent. If you are comfortable with a dome you would “hear” even more sound. It just wouldn’t be amplified into that ear.

Try them.

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Thank you for your reply. I am so glad you found the Paradise Cros to work for you. I was interested in them but after I made my appointment with a well known qualified audi I was surprised that they only carry Oticon, Starkey and whisper.

Thank you for your reply. I am so glad you are happy with your Phonak Paradise CROS. I was interested in them but after meeting with a well established qualified audi I was disappointed to learn that they only carry Oticon, Starkey and Whisper. She said those 3 are top-of-the-line but I have heard so many good things about the Paradise.

You can always try what she has and if she can’t make you happy, seek out the Phonak audiologist in your area that has the CROS and give them a try. That’s why they have trials.

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I agree with TexOkie. Try the other brands, they may work for you.

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