Advice choosing hearing aid for first time user?

Yes, it can be very overwhelming at first.

About whether you need hearing aids, if you post your audiogram you will get many opinions here. My view is, if it is 30 decibel (db) hearing loss at all frequencies I probably would not get them. I would use a bluetooth phone device, use positioning tricks and even a PSAP for difficult situations.

But, if it’s 30 db loss in the low frequencies and 60 db loss in the highs, I would get them.

Is Costco available?

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Hi Don,

Thank you for your kind reply!
Not sure yet how to post the audiogram, will look into how to do it.
And sorry, 30% loss (however the doctor calculated the value) audiogram between 50dB and 80dB loss, shaped in a way that I just don’t get the sounds needed to understand what is being said (is how he explained it).
Costco is sadly not available, not sure where in Europe it could be? UK maybe?

You might not see many replies since this gets asked every few days. People sometimes get tired of typing the same answers over and over. :slightly_smiling_face:
Here are some recent threads asking for help as a new HA user / starter. Good luck!

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First thing you need to do is post your audiogram here
otherwise it is simply impossible to give you any recomendations.
But i can really understand that you seek some experienced answers to your questions.

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Thank you for your replies!
Yes, I can understand that there are many new users like me who feel not taken care of very well by audiologists.
On one hand they should be caregivers, on the other hand, they are salesmen. Horrible combination, together with magic bla-bla from the hearing aid producers/designers.
Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a good and easy option how to post an audiogram either. Or I’m just dumb.
Frustrating stuff.

It is not you, the audiogram posting is offline. They recently updated forum software and it is being worked on. Here is the link.

Aaaah… Thank you!
And thank you for your patience.
I have added the audiogram now, hope you can access it somehow?

Yes, I can see it in your avatar. It looks like a small set of white headphones on dark background, though some see it as a dark palm tree on a white background. :upside_down_face:

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now that would be lovely!

Looking at your audiogram I would think you need two aids. The low frequency loss also shows custom molds may be needed.
Hopefully you will be able to learn from this forum how to go about getting your first aids. Getting in a hurry or getting pushed into aids is not the way to start, take your time. Finding an audiologist that you are happy with is very important too.

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Your hearing loss is going to make it hard to follow speech, in both ears. Your left is worse in the high frequencies, going down to the severe loss level, but the right is not much better. See how you loss fits on a speech banana. You are losing all speech sounds.

As for what type of hearing aid you should get, that is best left to a professional. The most popular type of hearing aid has the body behind the ear, and the receiver in the ear, or usually called a RIC style. I put your loss in a Rexton software to see what it would show. Rexton is essentially the same as Signia, and were formerly Siemens. In any case the software indicates a medium power receiver would just provide enough power, but the next most powerful which they designate as a P receiver would give you more room for further loss. That low frequency loss usually means you need a closed or tightly vented fitting. The software suggested a 1.6 mm vent in a custom mold. Here is what the predicted gain would look like with a NAL-NL2 prescription target.

As far as buying a hearing aid from that company link you provided in Estonia, they do seem to have all the various types including the RIC model. I would expect they offer them with at least three ranges of receiver power levels. The issue I see with using them is that unless you travel there how are you going to get it fitted and programmed? If you go with custom molds, who is going to do the molds? You probably could get away with closed click domes, but the fitting problem remains.

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Thank you! Sierra and Rick
And yes, had a few coworkers happily talk away at me while I was there blissfully ignoring them.
Life’s not all bad after all :slight_smile:

My Suggestion is that you go to Fielmann and do tests with different HA Brands.
That would be definately the way to find out your preferences.
Keep in mind that for one beginner is cumbersome to get used to the HAs. The HAs are only help to hear more but it is not a replacement of your original capabilities.
But ist really helps.
The Testing Phase is for Free do not sign anything.
When you are at the stage where you did your made your choice than you Need to consider that you may buy the HA where ever you can get the cheapest Price . Or even consider to get good used ones.
However the hard Thing will be to find one Audi to adjust them if you have not buy them there.

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That’s a great idea thank you!

Keep in mind that if you try 3 you may like the third one best because you are starting to get used to the whole process.

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Hi everyone!

Not sure if this belongs here or rather in a separate thread, but:
Do hearing aids need reprogramming if I would like to test different domes?
Right now I am wearing Oticon OPN S 3 with, as Sierra recommended above, closed double vented (those are really tiny sub-mm vents so together probably less than 1.6mm?) 8mm domes.
Now those are just at the entrance of the canal, while before I had an open dome which went all the way in and tickled all the time, but the tubing was flush to the head, while here the tubing sticks out maybe 1 finger-width from the head/ear.
So smaller domes would go further in? Is there a disadvantage to that?

Changing the acoustics does need to be updated in the software.
The wires on the aids should fit next to the head. The receiver/dome should be pushed in so the wire fits close to the ear.

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Yes, but does changing the dome size change the acoustics? Or is it just a matter of fitting the wire close to the head?

Going from open fit to closed changes the acoustics. The software would make the needed changes in gain to compensate. Did you notice the sound was louder after changing to closed domes?

The domes should be pushed in far enough that the wire fits next to the head.

I am not a pro at all. Please take my advice with a grain of salt. We have pros on this site who are absolutely great who can be more help.

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I just noticed your comment about the dome tickling your inner ear.
This used to be a problem for me until I started using a hearing aid dryer every night. One with the UV sanitizer and desiccant, I use a Dry & Store professional.
On occasions I have taken a Q-Tip soaked in alcohol and cleaned my ears out really good along with the domes. This stopped the itch quickly. The alcohol is not really good for the domes on a regular basis.

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