Advertised as an AARP provider


I have been using this audi for over a month and she has allowed me to trial two sets of HA and I really like the OPN1 that I now am using. I told her at the last meeting that we should talk about price and wanted the AARP pricing and terms. She told me that the HA are $6,000 and that they are not a part of the AARP network. I then got my cell phone out and not only show her that the practice was a part of the AARP network but had her picture. I like this audi and she has done a great job for me but her response to this may be a deal breaker. We are talking about $1,400 in savings. I would also go to Delaware if this deal falls apart where there is no sales tax. Has anyone else had this experience?



My AARP membership scored me a 10% discount on my OPN1’s. My audi even reminded me of it - I’d have lost out on $600 if she hadn’t. No idea why your audi would have tried to steer you away from it. Perhaps she legitimately didn’t know about it?



Before you do anything I would recommend that you check out COSTCO. they handle top of the line HAs and no one can touch their prices. That response your audi gave you would turn me off.

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Yipes. Is she with HearUSA? I surfed up to AARP and see that they appear to be a featured hearing care center promoted by AARP. That response from your audi would sure leave a bad taste in my mouth. Could it be that actual manufacturers - and NOT the audis - have to somehow buy in to the AARP discounts?

What about your insurance policy? My NEW policy (and GOOD riddance to Anthem) lets me apply the entire cost of HAs to my annual deductible every 3 yrs. So that’s how I will justify buying my Phonak Marvels.



Today, I noticed that my audi is no longer listed as a provider, so they must have contacted AARP quickly about that. I still fell that they should give me some discount because I found it. So I shouldn’t fell bad if I decide to drop them and go to a AARP provider in Delaware about 30 miles away. I do like these HAs and they just announced a new version.



^^^ Absolutely! Go where you get the best deal and feel the MOST comfortable with the person fitting you.

LOL - your observation about that dispenser NOT being on AARP’s discount provider list? Spot-on, is my guess.



Today, I turned in my OPN1 trial aids and got an appointment with another hearing center. I was disappointed with the audi in that when I explained that I didn’t want to buy the OPN1 when they are coming out with the OPNS aids in a few weeks. She was unaware of the OPNS offering and had little interest that I was not going to purchase the OPN1 for the full price of $6000. I have an appointment next week with a practice that offers Phonak, Oticon and others. I think I made a very good decision.

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Did you settle on a new aid yet? If so, DO TELL!



It has been quite the adventure but yes I have. I left the first audiologist because I felt that the fitting of the HA,s were poor and decided to trial brands that they didn’t offer. It was the best move that I could have made. First, the second audiologist told me that I only needed one aid on my left ear and my right ear was good saving me lots of money right out of the gate. She fitted me with Quattro 9 and I liked it a lot. The sound quality was much better and had no problems hearing with only one aid. I wanted to trial the Phonak Marvel and I did after a three week trial with the Quattro. I have now have trialed the Marvel 90 aid for a week and a half and like them the best of all the aids that I have tried. The autosense function works great and the sound is clear. I do get noise in the car but I think that can be fixed. I like taking a phone call on my android phone hands free. Speech in noise is very important to me because I go into schools and nursing homes with my therapy dogs and they can be very noisy. I think that the Oticon OPNs and the Signia aids that I trialed are good aids but I had a bad experience with the audiologist. I now believe that the audiologist is just as important to a good outcome as is the brand aid that you choose, This Friday, I plan on purchasing the Phonak M90 13T aid. Can’t said that I didn’t do my research!



My former practice was listed on the Hi Health Innovations/
United Healthcare website as a provider for their el-cheapo hearing aids, and I wouldn’t touch that garbage with a ten foot pole.



Well, today I purchased my Phonak M90 13T hearing aid. I have trialed the M90R for two weeks and I really liked it. I did have some noise issues when riding in the car but the audiologist corrected that while I was at the office buying my new one. I didn’t get any AARP discount but she did give me a $250 discount, because I am old and I brought my Sheltie (a therapy dog) and they really enjoyed her. I now have to wait two weeks for my aid to come it and for me to get fitted. I get three years of free batteries and $20 /year after that for batteries. Free domes and wax filters for as long as I own the aid. I like and trust the audiologist that I have now because she offered me lower cost options without me asking. Happy hearing!