Advantages/disadvantages to seeing an audiologist who works for a not for profit hospital

I thought the price might be more reasonable since there might not be a profit built into the cost. I have only used a private audiologist and have been happy with her service. I am considering new aids. She took a hearing test and based on it, said I could continue with CIC or IIC aids. I want to get a second opinion mainly for price. I wonder if I can expect the same level of service from a hospital audiology department.

Not for profit is a bad joke. If cost is a factor, look at online sellers or Costco.

Kenny got one right… not for profit doesnt have anything to do with your cost of services it has to do with how they hide or piss away money to keep from paying taxes. The local not for profit hospital group paid their president $1.8m a couple of years ago.

I called them. The fitter I spoke to said they do CIC, but not ones that can be programmed from a smartphone. A follow-up question: if I am only interested in IIC or CIC, do online resellers do that? How do you get the mold made?

Why only iic or cic when a ric is the current state of the art aid?

Because I’m very vain.

Of course…

But honest. That counts!