Advancements in technology in 7 years

Hi All,
My last set of HAs are Siemens (approx. 7 years ago) Analog in canal style. Before that, I had a set of Miracle ear (approx. 12 years ago) similar style.
Like everyone, I want it all at the least possible price. I typically only use the aids when in a meeting at work, giving presentations, conference calls, or watching TV or going to the movies. I know this sounds like a lot, but seriously I only used the last two sets maybe a couple days a month as an average. I hated wearing the aids in the truck, I couldn’t wear the aids outside because of the wind noise. Anything active was strictly out of the question. I would guess my hearing loss is classified as moderate.

My main question is- how much has the quality of sound changed in 7 years? I’m not set on one certain style, it sounds like there are a lot more BTE designs out there now than there were 7 years ago. I can’t justify going “high-end” when the aids are only supposed to last 4-7 years.
Other questions I have are-
Is one design or brand more durable, longer lasting, or more reliable than another?
Is one brand or model geared towards more “natural” sounds? Both of my last sets didn’t transfer music well at all (in my fogged preception of course).
Thanks in advance for any advice.

he as an industry has come a long way,
there are some exceptional hearing aids outthere.

and I would say 4-5 year would be what the average aid
will last… some more some a bit less…

I have meet someone with an aid which lasted over 15 years
and was happy, this however is not the norm…

On a side note, i would say most mid price instruments perform
great and therefore yuo could find a balance as far as costo and

the ones i like to fit are

oticon tego
GN Pixel
Phonak Una

there are tons of other which are great to… but go to your
local audi and ask him to fit you a bte and try it you will be
most pleased…

we have come a long way for sure

Yamaha Wr450

Thanks a bunch for the quick reply,
I glanced at the models you mentioned, what I didn’t catch is the style… does this typically mean you can get the electronics in several styles (BTE, ITE, etc.)?
Thanks again,

yes tim,
most companies dispense hearing aids by families.
For example, the GN pixel
you can get a pixel CIC , ite, ITC and BTE and sometimes up to a super power.
This is true for most players, Oticon, Siemens, GN, Phonak,etc etc etc
there are exceptions like the Audeo which is basically one style (open fit)
but even with in this cathegory there are dif instruments with price points…

in general, pick something your local audi is super confortable picking…
the truth is that most mid price instruments are almost identical in tech
features so it boils down to support + how good your audi is



I agree with xbulder. There are a lot of high quality, “value” products on the market now. Today, a pair of HAs that cost $3000 are probably as good or better than a pair that cost $4000 5 years ago.

With respect to style, my fitting tendencies have changed over the years. When I was first out of school, I fit a lot of CIC, canals, and mostly 1/2 shell hearing aids. As time has past, I have come to the point of fitting 95% BTE instruments. I don’t feel that there is a significant advantage in terms of hearing perse, but here are my arguments for recommending BTEs:

  1. Reliability- manufacturers data support this, far less repairs for BTEs than in the ear aids.
  2. Comfort- less mass in the ear (especially with open fittings), less occlusion
  3. Less feedback- I can get more power without worrying about feedback.
  4. Cost- usually the cost is lower for BTEs than in the ear devices.
  5. Flexibility- More options and more power
  6. Cosmetics- BTEs can disappear on a lot of patients, especially those with longer hair.

Once again, I am not saying the canal aids or CICs don’t help people hear. My experience has just been that patients are more satisfied and have less problems with BTEs.

batery- larger batery less cost…
also some of the open fin aids are easy to repair…
ie: the receiver can be replace in a matter of seconds…


Excellent responses. Thanks again for all your help. I’m heading in for my latest hearing test on Monday. It will be much more comfortable for me to have a little background knowlege on the subject, rather than signing up for something due to ONE person’s thoughts.
Take care,

for what it is worth, some of the clients tell me
one of the like to see is a busy office
and to interact and compare experiences, this makes them confident

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