Advanced Bionics awarded damages in patent infringement lawsuit

Do you know the cause and effect of this matter?
‘Very disappointed’: Cochlear faces $440m hit after losing US patent appeal

sonova has made news。How do you think about this kind of thing? Will this affect potential customers of the cochlear?
Advanced Bionics awarded damages in patent infringement lawsuit

It looks like Cochlear has a had a plan since at least their FY 2019 annual report to cover the costs and the patents have expired so I expect the effects will be minimal.

@pathurley So has the cochlear lost this lawsuit? Is it really stealing AB’s patent?

From what I read it was a third party patent that AB had an exclusive contract for. The court decided that Cochlear infringed on the patent, note that isn’t the same as stealing. If you come up with an idea independent of some one else but they patented it first Then they still own the idea, unless your process is significantly different from theirs. What is significantly different, well that is where the courts come in. Also note that I am not a patent attorney, that is my laymen’s understanding.

I looked at the patent in question, and it has something to do with an external tester for the implant, I think. The patent suit goes back until at least 2014 from what I could find.

And the patent has expired (I think in 2015 or 2017) so the technology is now free for everyone.


@pathurley Unfortunately this lawsuit was lost…

If sonova did not acquire AB, would AB be eliminated by history? :face_with_monocle:

Companies come an go, and companies buy out other companies just to put them out of business at times and other times to get the other companies ideas. It is just a fact of life. Is it right? That depends on your viewpoint

It usually is good for the shareholders and bad for the consumer. So, yes, definitely depends on your point of view. Just like the Force.

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@phobos512 Why is it beneficial to shareholders? Why is it bad for consumers? I do not quite understand.

@cvkemp Oh, I do n’t quite understand the history, thinking that AB was bankrupt before being acquired by sonova.

I am not really sure either but it is not uncommon for a company to buy out another company just before or just after they go bankrupt. It all depends on what the company that is going bankrupt has in the way of patents and equipment or even locations.

@cvkemp Can you talk about the advantages of AB? Their parameters are still the other two highest, is this a gimmick?

No I sure cannot I don’t have a CI at this time and more than likely will not for the foreseeable future

Seriously do you know how many CI manufactures market their product in U.S. Just three, Advanced Bionics, Cochlear Americas and MED-EL. So if one goes under then just two left. Yea companies come and go but if Cochlear goes under or files for bankruptcy - the future of Cochlear Implants could be very bleak. Think about that cvkemp and then think about price gouging as the last two CI manufactures ramp up prices so high - no one can afford a CI. Geez

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I do not know enough about CI to even say any more. I just know how companies in general think and work. We have also seen hearing aid companies come and go too. Just as we have seen computer companies come and go, and cell phone companies. The companies do seem to follow what the customers some to want and can afford. We the customer in many ways controls what companies survive and the ones that don’t.

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I was replying to cvkemp’s comment about mergers. They tend to be good for the shareholders because they either get bought out or are offered shares in the combined company which means more profits. Bad for consumers because wirh less conpetition there’s less incentive to develop new stuff and also less incentive to be competitive on price.

@hold4triple What you said makes sense.
Cochlear bankruptcy or bankruptcy is unlikely, with more than 400,000 users, three times AB

What parameters are you referring to? I’m starting to do research on CIs and have been in the AB forum. They do seem to have their adherents. And their detractors too for that matter. I am not sure if the surgeon I am working with only does Cochlear or he does all brands (he only had a Cochlear brochure for me).

AB wouldn’t go anywhere were anything to happen with their financials since they’re part of Sonova like Phonak. Cochlear though is a standalone company. Their assets would be bought up by one of the other companies in the worst case. Honestly nothing to worry about from a user perspective I would guess.

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