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When and where were you in the service


Combat in Vietnam with USMC. I have VA medical care now–in fact they are presently scheduling me for a comprehensive ear exam and hearing test–my only question is about paying for the actual hardware (hearing aid). Thanks


There will no charge for the hearing aids or any of the accessories. Batteries and supplies which you can order yourself are also no charge. I would highly recommend that you at least try the Siemens Carat Bx7’s and be sure to ask for the EasyTek, TVLink(transmitters), eCharger. The ‘carat’ model will get you the size 13 batteries which will easily go 20+ hours per charge.


Thanks for your help!


Please tell me your reference/source to back up your belief that there will be no cost for the hearing aids. As previously stated, my hearing loss is just “normal” hearing loss attributable to advancing age (I’m 71). It is not service-connected.

Thank you.


One more time… If you are currently in the VA Healthcare system you will get aids if the AuD says you need aids. I suppose if you are in a low priority group you could get the one time charge of $50.


I’m sorry–I am in priority group 5. OK, so if I understand you correctly, the whole thing hinges on whether or not the audiologist (whom I am scheduled to see Friday) “says I need aids”–If yes, then VA will pay, if no then I have to pay even though my quality of life really sucks because I can’t hear squat. Is this correct?


The AuD won’t say if you need aids or not your audio-gram will. I would suggest you get that chip off your shoulder before going in for testing.


I have Costco hearing aids version 4. Before I bought these about 3 years ago, I went to Beltone for an exam. He demoed their hearing aids and it helped with the clarity of my wife’s speech. Now that I have the Kirkland aids, I am not completely satisfied with them. I just don’t think that the Costco examiner did a good enough job. I have an appointment with a local audiologist next month, and will see what he can do for me. In general, I don’t need louder sound, just more clarity.


Can you give me a little information on this because after being present when my Mom brought her hearing aids there & testing them out I see a bigger benefit of having everything included. I am disappointed with my experience & I am considering going to Cosco when I need a new pair.


Miki, that was posted in Jan. He’s may not be around now.

Concerning dissatisfaction: Some see great improvement. Others do not. That can be based on the individual. It can also be an inept fitter. Some of us have poor word recognition scores that make hearing more difficult. While the information here will help, you have to be the final arbiter.


Thanks Ken. My disaffection is with wereI have purchased. My Mom just got hers from Cosco & I feel she got treated better & a better deal.


Dex hasn’t been on the Forum since 2/9/16, so he may be gone. As to your experience and your mothers, it so much depends on the person doing the fitting of the HA’s and their knowledge of what needs to be done to get you hearing your best. If you are not satisfied with your audiologist and what they have done, tell them and tell them what is bothering you, perhaps they can make some further adjustments that will help. 'Good luck!


I’m just feeling like I’m being gouged . I don’t think you should have to pay for adjustments. Everything is included with Cosco.
I’m not expecting free hearing test bet adjustment should be included. I also dod not like the fact that last year when after seeing the ENT doc. I saw the audiologist they did not adjust me right after. I don’t know common sense to me.