Adjustment cost


What are you babbling about now? I never said anything of the sort. Please copy and paste where I said I “justified not servicing aids bought on the internet”.

i have continued to point out that your pricing policy is unfair to some customers who don’t want to pay for years of service in advance or maybe they aren’t getting this service.

If you live in America, it is a free market. If my policy of providing free service for hearing aids is unfair, then please do not go to a place that does that. PLEASE. But, that happens to be the way I do it. I cannot comprehend your issue with me servicing hearing aids for free. I adjust all aids I can for free regardless of where you bought them and I clean and make minor repairs for free for ANY brand ANYWHERE you have bought them.

I apologize that you hate MY model. If you don’t like my model don’t go to a place like that. Simple.


gary is our resident asshole… he would come out of his moms basement but hes afraid of the drones following him.


I gathered as much. Although…he was very helpful in locating the “ignore” feature. Thanks Gary! Now that I have that maybe I can enjoy this forum.


Yeah, please ignore him and stick around. There are lots of people here who would love to hear your perspective.


For those keeping track:
You will need to update your DJSBS (Doc Jakey’s Standard BS) appendix. The moms basement [sic] line is number 18 in the appendix. The drones reference is a new variation and will be 18.1. If he starts using it alone, we will review.


Gary, I didn’t quite see it in the black and white manner you portray. You were in business. It is stupid for one to point out their own flaws but instead point out their benefits and features. You don’t do that, you don’t succeed in business. If buyers don’t understand that, they shop at QVC for collectables.

As to the AARP business, maybe the fault lies more with AARP and their exclusive attempt to merchandise an off label. At least it’s an equal contributor to the AARP member’s problem. He was suggesting a possible alternative with an aid he thought superior for a reasonable surcharge.


Gary, you need to stop attacking people you disagree with and calling them liars. You have some good ideas (I agree with you, for instance, that unbundling would be a net benefit for the consumers), but the vitriol you spew at anyone who disagrees with you is counterproductive and makes this a less pleasant place to post. Moreover, if you think that this will be a more informative forum if you drive away audiologists like m0t0rcade, you are sorely mistaken. I, for one, value m0t0rcade’s perspective; I’m not sure we have anyone else here who comes from a national chain/franchise operation like Beltone. Most people around here seem to dismiss such chains out-of-hand. You may disagree with him that his model better serves patients, but that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be able to talk about it without being called a liar.


I’m not sure that “reprimand” is a word that has any place in describing appropriate interactions between fellow posters on a board like this, but please feel free to disagree with anything I say in any of my posts. I have no problem with civil discussion or disagreement; what I have a problem with is personal attacks. It is entirely possible to disagree and even to disagree strongly with someone without calling him a liar.


I did not “join Doc Jake.” I simply responded to m0t0rcade’s post expressing frustration at your personal attack on him by asking him to ignore it and stay. I will not refrain from posting an opinion simply because someone else expresses a related opinion any more than I will post an opinion because someone posted a related opinion. You can rest assured that any opinion I post is mine and mine alone.


am I the only one to notice gary and kenny never have answers for HA questions but can always find fault with anyone elses suggestion. they seem to be close to running most folks off. the number of legitment question have went way down while kenny, gary, fog & sabin spin around amoung themselves.


your question are always trolling for an answer you can disagree with. you have no legitment queztions.


This is the second time you have leveled this charge at me. The previous time I told you that I had publicly objected to Doc Jake’s attitude in the past but that I’ve pretty much given up on publicly confronting him because he has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no concern for his effect on others. I also told you that I continue to report his most egregious posts to the administration. You can believe me or not, I don’t care.


Well, Jakey is a sad specimen but I don’t really have a problem with his posting as he exposes what he is very quickly. So, have fun with his silliness.

BTW, I have been informed this is his fourth persona. Evidently he had the following names banned: Mic Shu, Uncle Larry, IMBack. You have to give him credit for persistence.

All he normally post good info about is how to game the VA – helpful for those trying to get in their program. I think his audio skillset is that of a fitter rather than one with a degree. I imagine he might feel intimidated should he offer technical help like those great AuD that also populate the forums.

All he wants to do is get to you. Avoid that and you own him. In my book, he’s a giggle.


“game the VA” the VA is not a game unless of course you are a draft dogder who gamed the system.


I just went to Costco and was told they only adjust/service aids purchased from them, because they use a closed platform and they are unable to work on the same brand if they came from another provider. Hope this helps.


Correct, Costco only works on aids bought at Costco and only Costco can program aids bought from them.

No one is ‘gaming’ the VA. More than a few folks are paying for aids when they could be getting them and healthcare for free. Unless you sucked someone’s butt and some how got in the guard during the Vietnam conflict.


Listen I have been getting my hearing aids now 10 years from the Va they have always done me right, and I have been very happy with the VA’s service. The problem I always see from the complains are that most people have no patience they want it now and they want it free. Even thou I do not pay for my aids I have to drive to the Clinic and I have to wait my turn to get my service, big deal it is worth it. I have always been told to tell the Audi up front what I need and what concerns I have. I also know that I am lucky as hell to be using a VA clinic that really is trying to do what is right for us Vets. My clinic has walk in clinic everyday at least for the hearing department. I have seen all 4 Audis at the clinic and they are all good but the one I normally see, the one I get my appointments with, is great. And she must take great notes because the others that I see all know my needs.
Now that I have retired I am using the Clinic for all of my medical needs and I have no complaints at all. Why I believe it is that I learned a long time ago when I joined the Navy that the motto is always hear up and wait, and all that means is be patient.


Since I have seen the VA mentioned here, I have a question about getting a free hearing aid from the VA–

I have been told that the VA will only provide a free hearing aid if the hearing loss is service-connected (mine is not).

On the other hand, the VA in Houston provided my former neighbor with a free hearing aid; and he had no service-connected disability.

Now I live in Hawaii and they say “no dice”.

I get the impression with the VA it’s kinda a matter of who you ask–with a preponderance of negatives.

Can one of you pros give me a straight answer on this?

Thanks for your help.


Go to your local VSO office have them complete the paperwork. If you are eligible for VA Healthcare at your first appointment have your primary care Doc ask for a referral to the audiology dept if you need aids you will get aids.


My hearing loss is service related and I get a small divisibility payment. It is my understand from talking to the Texas VA agents that if it is not service related hearing loss it then depends on your financial status. I do not believe I would have been able to get my aids if it had not been a service related loss. But I will always say to fill the claims and see what happens. And I will also tell you never stop with the first filling. Almost all cases are turned down on the first filling. It took a third filling for me to get it.