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i am a new hearing aid wearer. i would like to ask an audi/dispenser question. if i already own my hearing aids, what do you consider a fair price for you to adjust the programming in my hearing aids in one visit. please take into account a typical visit for bte aids. i am not asking for your services but just an idea what programming adjustments might cost in your area of the country. a local audi charges $100 per aid to program. is this high or low?


That sounds like it’s in the ballpark


I have to laugh, is that like paying separate for the left shoe then the right shoe? Or glasses where pay separate for each lense? And I know some use only one aid, just sayin, there is no end to the piling on the fees in this industry. Have him/her buy you dinner first at least if you catch the reference.


And a movie!

Just another reason why cost conscious consumers are flocking to Costco where adjustments are free. Just sayin…


Hmm? Are adjustments free at Costco if you come in with HAs bought elsewhere? That was the basis of gary1001’s question.

It’s my understanding that adjustments are free at most all vendors for HAs you buy at that vendor.


Costco can’t adjust hearing aids that were purchased elsewhere; they don’t have the necessary hardware or software. And follow-up care from a private dispenser isn’t free. Those services are usually bundled into the upfront cost of the hearing aids. So you’re buying a package deal which includes fitting, verification, adjustments, re-programming, and maintenance.


there is a valid time when you might need programming and you can’t see the original audi. if you move a long distance and the aids are relatively new. i am finding that many audis wont service aids they didn’t sell.


What other medical device is refused after market service from ones trained to do so?

“I am sorry Mr. Former VP, you didn’t buy your pacemaker here so we won’t service it. You look a little pale, sir.”

I went to an ENT after a sudden loss from Ménière’s symptoms. The staff audiologist serviced my aids. It was $75 – one time fee that I had to personally pay. I made 2 more visits for further adjustment at no charge. Real doctors have standards for professional conduct.

As to the question: Yes, $100 is reasonable and proper. As to the follow up if they didn’t get it right…

Let me add there are great clinics and practitioners – limited by peer/industry pressure – who do great work across the board. But, I wonder how much a minority they are.


As a last source, does repairs and reprogramming from loss charts at reasonable prices. Last time I checked they would reprogram your aids for $100. Obviously, getting it locally done is better.

They did a repair for me. The aids weren’t able to be repaired properly. They got Siemens to replace them for a reasonable added fee – even though they were 5 years old. Very reputable Internet company. Andy, the owner, dealt with me personally when it got confusing. Besides the internet, they have a local clinic.


Are we talking a minor tweak or do you want me to undo everything and start from scratch? Really depends on the amount of time I have to allow for what you want done. Minor tweaks I may charge $55 that should take me 15-20 mins to adjust and explain what I adjusted and if there are any potential issues that may arise from that adjustment so you know what to be on the look out for. If I have to spend 45 minutes redoing everything, counselling the user, ect. I would likely charge $125.


A little off topic but you should know.

Say you lose an aid. Can you go to your audi (Genie software) and have them load the replacement with the last/best program, assume it’s the same model or in the case of this thread assume you lose an alta pro and replace it with an alta pro 2.



If it’s the same model, you can easily program a replacement aid (the software will ask if you want to use the settings from the aids or the software…just say software in that instance). It won’t work if you’re going from an Alta Pro to an Alta Pro2 since they’re different chips. If you’re getting the aid replaced under the loss/damage policy, it’ll be replaced with the same model.


Loss and Damage is always replaced with the same model aid you had. They will never upgrade you. In the case of Oticon when I get the replacement aid I hook it up to the computer and load up the last adjustment date and hit “connect”, Genie will prompt me that the settings in hearing aid differ from the settings is Genie, which would I like. Select Genie and it loads the last settings into the aid and stores the new serial number.


I, too am interested in what’s a reasonable fee for a fitting/adjustment. I lost my last HAs last November just a month before the 3 year warranty was up but did not submit a claim as who was gonna believe that? While my health insurance pays $3,000 towards HAs I decided to get them from the VA, which I did as there was no cost. I have only had a hearing test and an initial fitting, but i think both people I saw are not knowledgeable/enthusiastic about Phonaks. I made a mistake and said I thought I wanted Audeo V90 312T’s and after that they would not say what other ones they would recommend. The initial doc did not think to order a Com Pilot. The second audi tried and failed to program the buttons (quote/unquote “they don’t usually program the buttons” but made an exception for me and programmed two programs - I used to have 6) to have a short press control the volume and a long press control programs, and called Phonak and found out that couldn’t be done and so realized a Com Pilot was needed (Duh.) and ordered one which will be paired at my next visit in about a month. (Fortunately the HA trial period is 6 months.) Fortunately this audi started me off at 100%, rather than the 70% at which I started before and then worked up. I learned a lot from my prior audi and would like to see her again. I have not yet discussed whether she would still handle me as I did not get the replacements from her, but I assume she would. I would like some advice ast o what’sa fair fee. I assume adjustment fitting visits would be covered by my insurance. Does anyone know if this is typical and what amount insurers (BCBS Bluecard PPO) usually allow?


Thanks! :slight_smile:


the VA gave you what you asked for free and you are bitching. they forgot to order the com-pilot that you didnt ask for and you are bitching. then you wonder if your old AuD will program them even though you screwed her out of a sale. The VA by far issues more Phonaks products than any other manufacturer.

I use to be amazed…


I’ve never heard of insurance companies covering adjustments.


I work with Beltone.

Adjustments should always be free. That is the way it should be done. Why? If it is $200 every time you go in to adjust your hearing aids, you will do that less often. Unless you are having a major problem, you are not going to go get help. I don’t want that. I beg my patients to come in if they feel like they need anything. It is called good, reasonable customer service and it is something the patient should demand.

If you move or visit somewhere else, that adjustment is guaranteed at no charge anywhere in the country.

In our state BCBS covers $2800 if you have coverage, meaning it isn’t a medicare supplement.


Is it your mission to drive off any dispenser or audiologist that comes to this forum?

I probably shouldn’t have come back. I have offered my opinions and tried to be helpful on multiple topics and you have attacked me to my very core on every one of them. I’m sorry you don’t approve of my work, but you also don’t know me very well and what I do.


Also, GARY…no it is not always included in the price because sometimes I don’t even sell the hearing aids. If you buy them in California and move here, I will care and adjust them…FOR FREE. Always. I don’t care where you buy them, if I can adjust them I do it and I do it for free. Just had a gentleman last week move from Texas and tested him and adjusted his hearing aids FOR FREE, even though I knew there wasn’t a sale involved and I was glad to do it.

Or last month a girl was fit in BTE hearing aids, her adjustments are FREE because the hearing aids were FREE. She needed them, I had them…so I gave them to her.

But. You know what. I really am just a scumbag. Because Gary on the internet says so. A liar, bait-and-switching scum bag. Forget the actual fact that I have never done either of those.