Adjusting Siemens Pure Carat XLC Hearing Aids

I received Siemens Pure Carat Hearing Aids through the VA on 14 Dec 2012. They were gave to me with no programs and told to do a return visit on 04 Jan 2013 with notes on what I thought I needed done to the aids. I returned on 04 January 2013 with these notes:

  1. The ringing in my left ear is very much more noticeable now.
    2)Can’t hear people in the car beside me very well and cannot hear people
    in the back seat area at all.
    3)I do Volunteer bartending at our local VFW Post and have a alot of
    trouble understanding people if there is a crowd or the Juke Box is
    4)I have never hear the Hearing Aids beep to warn me of low battery
    5)Requested more volume.

These are the responses I received from the audiologist:
1)Maybe the increase in volume will help that.
2)Microphones are only directional for in front of you, can’t help you if you
can’t hear people in the back of the car, that just the way your hearing
aids are.
3)As far as working in the VFW Post, there is no way to control or
help the background noise issue.
4)Sometimes battery may I beep, but it probably did during the nite
when you had them in the dryer( Hard to do that with the battery out.)
5)Did get the volume increased which has helped alot. But I still can not
control it myself if I wish to turn it down.

It is my understanding of researching Siemens Pure Carat XLC Hearing Aids
that I have many of the options that I have requested available in my hearing aids. I am very pleased with the hearing aids that the VA has provided me, (I am a 100% disabled Veteran) but I don’t really think that they have the training or expertise to fine tune these aids. I don’t blame it on VA audiologists as I am sure they are very overwhelmed in that department.
I live in Shenandoah, Va. Zip 22849 about 20 miles from Harrisonburg, Va.
Is there a knowledgeable Siemens augiologist in the Harrisonburg, VA area that would work with a veteran to help set up the programs to get the most use out of my hearing aids.

Thanks, Larry

you need to ask to speak with the Chief of Audiology and explain the above they will go out of their way to make sure you are happy. Are you going to an out-patient clinic or a Medical Center? A lot of those problems can be taken care of or at least improved. You should have at a min 3 programs on those aids. One normal, one for BT phone and one for miniTek and I would suggest Speech-focus for hearing in the car.

Thank you for your reply Uncle Larry. I had thought about that but I didn’t want to tick off the people that I have to ask for help. Anyways I am going to give it a go and see what the Chief of Audiology has to say.

Thanks again, Larry

A lot of hearing aids these day, actomaticly adjust volume depending on what situation you are in.

I have phonak Naidas and I never change the volume.

I’ve been told if I don’t feel the need to change the volume, my aids are set really really good. If I feel the need to adjust volume (which is never) then I need adjustments.

I agree with Uncle Larry…many if not all of those problems can be corrected, I would also ask for another audiologist, a supervisor.

The XCL hearing aids can have (I believe) up to 4 or 5 programs. I would set one for you to listen in the car and also one for when you are working at the VFW, and then leave a program for regular and add one for BT/accessories if you have them.

The volume of the battery beeps can be increased and the pitch can be changed if it’s not in the range where it’s audible.

Good luck!

ask to have the extended notifications turned on… you should get beeps for battery, whenever you change programs, whenever you adjust the volume, during the power on delay, when the BT program is selected or when your phone rings and is connected. oh, and when you mute or un-mute them. with those aids you should have gotten the rechargeable batteries along with the eCharger and dryer.