Adjusting hearing aid with phone

I just got my new hearing aids - NuEar (Starkey I believe) miniscopics. They are supposed to adjust using the tones from touch done or mobile phones. For some reason, I can’t get it to work reliably - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t . Tried my home phone, work phone, and three different cell phones (blackberry and two motorolas) with the same results. Yesterday, I turned the distance speech program on, and ended up having to take out the hearing aids and turn them off to reset it. Any ideas?

my audiosyncs are the same way, you need a phone that has DTMF keypad. What I found out is, not a lot of phones do. My landline , my work phone and one of my cell phones would not program it. I have an LG, and a couple of sanyo cell phones that do have the DTMF keypad. You should call your cell phone provider and ask them what cell phones have them, or if it is a feature you can enable on the phone.

You have to hear the key beeps when you press the buttons on the phone. You should hear a signal in your aids that tells you when you are in program mode. I press ** to enter program mode, then 2 for volume up, 8 for down, 4 and 6 are the memory settings

Once in the programming mode, you have like 20 secs to do your thing, then it goes back to regular mode.

This feature works great for me,although I don’t have to mess with it too much so far,I am still in “new” mode with mine also.

(dual tone multi frequency) DTMF is the key.

I wonder why it works sometimes and not others with Blackberry?

This is just a WAG on my part. Is it possible that because it is a smart phone, that you are going into another mode than “telephone” on some occasions? On my iphone 3GS I surely get tones with the keystrokes on the phone keyboard, but only clicks on any other screen.


I never understood how Starkey thought this would work for most users. I have heard of some people using it successfully. It always seemed a little too technical and complicated for the average user for my liking as a fitter. Hearing aids are difficult enough to learn how to use/maintain and adapt to. I used to fit a lot of Starkey Destiny products and was successful with them but I’m unsure of the phone control system.