Add text to profile?


I figured out how to insert my audiogram in my profile. I see that some profiles also include brief text, but it’s not obvious to me how to do that. For example, I would like to add my hearing discrimination scores to my profile. How?


You can put stuff in the About Me box in your profile, then Save Changes.


The brief text is in your profile under Profile (or next to it as the case may be) yes in About Me. The hearing discrimination is in the manual entry of your audiogram. (if you mean word recognition score anyway)


Thanks pvc and z10user2.


Thanks for asking, Overoaked. And thanks to pvc & z1user2, I’m gonna add my WRS now :slight_smile:


Heck, I would just like to find out how to include a quote without having to cut and paste! The site needs a good tutorial telling you how and what you need to do to get various things that were easy to do on the old site and not so easy on this one.


Overoaked is obviously lots smarter than I am! I can’t figure out how to get back to my audiogram input to add my WRS there so it’s “About Me”…


Highlight the text you want to quote. Voila, a little quote box will appear above your highlighted text. Click it.


Figured it out!!! Turns out you have to login to Hearing Tracker (not just the forum) for to maintain the audiogram.
The confusing part is that you can enter “About Me” at both the forum & Hearing Tracker levels – it’s the forum “About Me” that’s displayed here.


Thank you! As I said a how to guide would be nice! Now if we could of only transferred our audiogram data over from the old site!


You probably already know about these;
Hearing Tracker Tips for Newbies


Thanks, I looked all over for it and could not remember what it was called. I thought it would be under the information section.
Maybe it should be like this:
About the Team
Hearing Centers
Provider Directory
The Hearing Tracker Blog
Hearing Loss Resources
Forum Terms and Conditions
Forum Privacy Policy
Hearing Tracker Tips for Newbies


It’s pinned. So it’s at the top when you first read the Forum Support category. Then it drifts down. But you can just scroll down in the Forum Support category and the pinned topics will be easily visible in your left pane.