Adapting to new hearing aid


Hello all,

I asked about rechargeable aids and got so many great responses I decided to post a new question.

By the way Oticon rechargeable aids are on back order.

Currently I have first generation Resound Linx and I have ordered the Oticon opn per the recommendation of my audiologist and so many users in this forum. My question is, should I expect an adaption period since I am going to a different manufacturer ? Will I need to train the brain? If so how long? What was the experience of others in my situation?
Lastly, the resounds still work and I have a streamer for my TV can I switch between the aids to watch television or use the older aids at the gym or will the difference between the aids cause more issues?


I’d say it depends more on your personality than anything else. Yes, you’ll need some time to adjust, but if you’re pretty easy going and accept that things can sound differently and still be ok, it could be pretty quick. If things need to sound “just so,” it could take awhile and you probably wouldn’t be happy switching back and forth.


Thank you for the response. I will keep that in mind.


I would say that the only thing you need to train your brain is to keep a positive attitude during the new adaptation period with the OPN. You may be used to more noise filtering with the Linx so if now you hear more noise with the OPN, it may bug you at first because you might have been more used to the peace and quiet of the Linx. But if you welcome the noise as a positive thing and don’t let it bug you, and learn and try to focus in on speech in noisy environments, eventually after a month or so, the new sounds around you won’t bug you so much anymore and you may even appreciate having this newfound awareness after you’ve gotten used to it.

Your adaptation probably won’t be about getting used to the amplification because you’ve already worn the Linx. It’ll be getting used to the extra noise you now hear. So instead of having your audi set you up through the 3 adaptation phases in the automatic adaptation manager, I’d recommend skipping this and go straight to Phase 3, and use the volume button to turn things down if noisy environments seem to much or too loud for you to handle.