Acuris Life Feedback problems?

I have been using Acuris Life for over a year. I’m very happy with them. The only problem I am having is feedback sound caused by certain note. Some sound Like Violin, Dot Matrix Printer could trigger feedback with my Acuris Life. When I’m listening to music, some notes also trigger feedback. Is this actually a normal thing to happen? or it’s the fault of audi professional not being able to program it correctly.

I’ve had the acuris life for about 2 weeks now and have had the same problem. watching tv, it could be a voice or a high pitched instrument. the beep of a fax machine or the other day, while in Home Depot, certain parts of the music. I have the remote and have only two programs in it…regular and noisy envoirnment. It didn’t make a difference. My audiologist is away this week but I will see her about it when she’s back.

The acuris, like many modern h’aids has an adaptive feedback mechanism running all the time.

My guess, is that what you hear is a chirping sound, in response to loud high frequency sounds?!?

What is happening is that the hearing aid is permanently searching for feedback. Entrainment occurs when the feedback manager is set to high. Meaning that external sounds are interpreted by the aid as feedback because they have a similair acoustic signature, therefore the hearing aid, is adapting its output to try and reduce this. which manifests itself in the chirping distortion sound.

I have experienced this with my customers, often with music, doorbell, cooker ping all causing the chirp!

If this sounds familiar, speak to your audi and ask to have the feedback cancellation reduced from strong to moderate.

Hope this helps


Thanks, Dan. That explains a lot. Waiting for an appointment now with my audiologist.