Active noise cancelling headphones

What do you think of these active noise canceling headsets for ear protection? I use a pair of NRR 30 earmuffs when I want real protection. A buddy was showing me a set of active cancelling headphones he bought, I thought they were pretty cool. Can any of these perform as well as an NRR set of blockers? Or do audies frown on these in general (and if so, why?).

I have a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 15 noise canceling headset. They are very comfortable for long periods and are amazing at reducing noise. I wear them in cars for long trips, on airline flights, and at school dances I am required to chaperone. At the Valentine’s dance last Friday, it was amazing how much the noise was reduced. After three hours of that booming base music, I didn’t even have a headache.

They are well worth the $300 price tag.


I have those and wear them when I mow the grass.:slight_smile:

so the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 fit over your over the behind hte ear aids and there isn’t a feedback issue?

I don’t have any experience with bose or active noise cancelling headphones. I dislike bose in general.

What I do have experience in is passive noise cancelling headphones. I use a pair now that cuts the outside noise by around 30 decibels, which is a lot. You can look at headphones that are used in the professional audio industry, such as the Sennheiser HD-280 pros, which are the ones I use for audio engineering. They do not give me any problems with feedback. Good luck. :slight_smile:

aruton may have headphones that perform this well, but most noise canceling headphones do not. I take issue with some of the material in this thread, as one who is wearing aids because of damage sustained due to power tools and loud music. Most noise canceling headphones reduce sound exposure by only a small fraction of the decibels compared to good blocking earplugs, properly inserted. You are doing your hearing no favor if you pump in loud music over noise canceling headphones, or if you wear them instead of earplugs when working with power equipment that need a 20 dB or more reduction to be used safely. The real purpose of noise canceling headphones is not to make it safe to play music loudly or protect you from loud sounds, but to make music easier to hear at a softer volume in a moderately noisy environment. Even in that case, these headphones can damage your hearing like any other if you set the playback level too high.

I remove my aids when I’m listening to music with the Bose headphones. I use a sound equalizer to set the tone.


A great place for reliable information on the quality of ear protection devices is a well-equipped shooting range.
With dozens of options on their shelves, they recommended 30 db, passive earmuffs which are very impressive compared to my past ear protection.

Misread the first post, thought he wanted info on noise cancelling headphones for listening to music.

What’s left of our hearing is very precious. Protect it at all costs. When I used to work in a noisy environment, around 80-85 db, I had a custom made program on my hearing aids that worked just like earplugs. Dropped the volume down about 30 db and lowered the ceiling that the safety circuits kicked in. This could be an option for you, and you wouldn’t have to wear bulky ear muffs on your head.

I would still recommend good earmuffs for extremely noisy environments, such as a gun range.

Well that was my take, too. Maybe he’ll come back and clarify.

Bose noise cancelling head sets were originally manufactured for noisy cockpit environments of aircraft so that the aviators could hear air traffic control while protecting their ears from the continuous noise of the aircraft.

I particularly enjoy mine while traveling by air. It is like a breath of fresh air not having to listen to the continuous drone of the aircraft engines.

I don’t use mine for hearing protection but they sound particularly nice while listening to music modified by an equalizer to match my hearing loss.



There are so many different types of noise cancelling headphones available in the market. They come with various features and are priced respectively. Internet is the best place to look for such headphones; you will find lot of options to choose from and you can select any one of your choice.