Active CI patient too active for potential head trauma?

Hi all! I’m scheduled to have the surgery and I’m a little worried I might not be the right kind of candidate since I may be too active?

I’m a kiteboarder who likes to jump pretty high and sometimes I don’t stick the landing and smack the water pretty hard. Would that cause the implant to not work ? The Dr mentioned impact causing the implant to no longer work. I’m a little worried about what would happen if I smack the water hard accidentally after the surgery.

Thoughts? I am super active and was at an indoor adventure park over the weekend and smacked my head on a soft obstacle in something similar to the TV show “wipe out” out “Total knockout”.

I’m starting to worry with my lifestyle I might not be the best candidate? Or maybe these impacts aren’t hard enough to worry?

I do have a couple emails out to the Drs .

thank you in advance for any feedback!

Happy Thanksgiving!


I also have a CI N7, and I am active person also. But all my physical activity is in the gym and swimming. Not kite boarding. I was told no rough sport for 6 months post op.
Do you wear a helmet? Can you get a helmet with extra padding fitted on the inside? To help absorb any impact.
With the Cochlear N7 you can get an aqua kit to protect the processor From water. But if your only having 1 ear done it wouldn’t be necessary to wear the processor while you are out boarding.
My advise would be to seek out an experienced Surgeon in your area. Make an appointment for assessment and ask that person. Just because you make the appointment for assessment doesn’t mean you have to have the surgery.

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A great topic of discussion for your surgeon. A consultation does not mean you’re committed to having surgery, but it is an opportunity to be an information gathering session, where you can educate yourself on a variety of issues related to CI.