Activating Telecoil/induction program

I’ve got the 7bx Pure Carats and do my own programming. I’ve activated the “induction loop” program on the aids. I’ve turned on that feature on my phone. The connection isn’t working.

Any advice?

If the phone’s magnetic field isn’t strong enough to turn the t-coil on automatically, you may need to engage it manually – do you have a button or rocker switch for that on the hearing aid?

I’m not sure about the Carats, but on my Aquaris models, the induction loop feature will not work with a phone. The reason it won’t is because the t-coil components are in the remote, not in the aids themselves. Typically a hearing aid t-coil is switched automatically by the magnet in a land line phone’s earpiece. When you place the handset in normal conversation position, the ear speaker trips a sensor in the hearing aid and the conversation goes through the t-coil. The Siemen’s system is designed for large audience (room sized) induction loops, not for phones, as most house phones these days are cordless and/or digital designs and don’t even have magnets in the handset. Even if yours does, you’d have to hold it to the remote for it to work, then the caller couldn’t hear you talk.

My mistake then. I thought it would allow me to use the HA like a bluetooth headset though I would still have to speak in to the phone for them to hear me. As though I was using the phone on speaker but with the improved fidelity than what comes out of the phone’s native speaker.

What leads you to believe you confident to program one of the most sophisticated aids out there today?
Do you own the easyTek?
What phone?

Nexus 6 which has a T (telecoil rating) of 4.

No I do not have the easyTek. Like I said, I thought the telecoil interfaced with the phone directly bypassing the need for the easyTec

As for the programming, I’m not confident. The guy I got the programming equipment from is available if I need to ask him this question. He’s already been a big help.