Activated today

Hello all,
New member just activated today and the sounds I’m hearing I can’t make sense of. Lots of ringing with echoing and kind of a beeping, all very sharp. Normal?.

Welcome to the forum.
Congratulations on your new hearing.
We are all different when the implant is activated. Your description sounds similar to mine. All I heard for the first week or two was high frequency gibberish. It was very frustrating for a while but slowly over 3-4 weeks from activation sounds starting making more sense. This process goes on for much longer than I expected but it continually gets better.

There are a group of CI members here who will help you if needed. We all have been where you are now.

Keep practicing listening to speech. You will learn faster that way.

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Thanks for the response, it is quite an overwhelming experience!

Yes it is. Especially after all the hearing loss. It can be overwhelming.

Then you read about people hearing great at activation. Actually I don’t think that’s the case very often if at all. Everyone is different.

I am getting my second implant in 9 days. Really looking forward to hearing in “stereo” again.

Read through the cochlear implant posts in the cochlear implant forum. Lots of really good information.

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I’m in the same boat there is so many sounds. It gets overwhelming. I just got activated on 1/6 and they said my brain has to get used to it.

I’ve had hearing aids since I was 40 (now 61) and worked my way up to the strongest ones I could get.
They say I’m a candidate for Bilateral CI’s and the surgeon said maybe about 3 months but now I’m not sure. How long between your implants?
Good luck on your next step!

Hello Steve,
congratulations to your activation!

If you still hear and can understand with your other ear then there is no need to hurry. 3 months are VERY fast. Most of us get their second implant after 1-3 years. In my case I recently got my second CI after only 10 months Raudrive gets his second ear even earlier. These are not the usual cases.

With my first implant I could hear and understand right after activation. I heard bells and whistles all day long. With my second implant that is not the case - I can’t understand unknown spoken words but there is also no or only little bells and whistles. I can hear and distinguish environmental noise very well with my second implant.

I.e. not only everyone is different, also every ear is different. Btw I’ve had hearing aids in both ears for 4 decades.


@SteveS welcome to the forum…
Congratulations on your activation today. All those beeps and noises will turn into recognisable sounds. The noises are the start of laying down new pathways to your brain. Unfortunately it does take time though. Recognition might not happen before your next mapping though, and you will get used to all these different sounds. But each mapping the sounds and speech will become a bit clearer for you.

I’m bimodal with N7 and GN Resound aid. My CI has made such a huge difference to my WRS. At this stage I don’t have any plans to join @Raudrive or @Dani and go bilateral as my binaural is 96%. When/if my aided ear declines I will then consider going bilateral. But until then I’m happy being bimodal.

Good luck on your new hearing journey, with lots of rehab you will succeed…


Thank you all for the encouraging and reassuring words!
The noises are get better and I’m starting to understand some underlying speech and sounds.


That’s good news. Pretty amazing how this technology works.

Which implant and processor did you get? Each brand has a phone app that can help fine tune things. Maybe we can help you with that.

Seems that you have a good brain which started processing through all of it already :slight_smile:
Good luck on your journey, and train train train. People mostly use audiobooks so they read and listen same thing, helping brain to learn to interpret sounds.


Welcome and congratulations on your activation! :slight_smile:

I am bilateral and wore hearing aids prior to the implants. My Dr wanted to wait 3 months to make sure my first implant was working properly. He explained that some people may not ever adjust to the implants. He said that was a small percentage but wanted to make sure I was fine before chancing on ruining the other ear.

Congratulations on your activation. Some of the things I did to help me was I watched videos and movies with subtitles. Especially ones where I knew how the person sounded.
Also a really big one is if you hear a sound that you don’t recognize, ask someone what it is. It will help your brain adjust the sound to what you are familiar with. An example of this is when I was at my daughters basketball game just after activation. I kept hearing what sounded like metal pipes banging. Almost like wind chimes. I asked my wife and we were able to determine it was the shoes squeaking on the basketball court. After a couple of games it sounded just like a squeaking shoe. I have had my implants for a year now and will still ask what a certain sound is.
The brain is amazing on how it works. I am completely deaf without my implants. If I turn on the faucet I swear I could hear the water run.


Hello @SteveS how are you going with rehab? Are you picking up on any of the sounds you are hearing as yet? What device did you go with in the end?

Things I found helpful was to stream audiobooks, Ted talks on the radio I struggled to understand his accent as I’m an Aussie. Just anyone talking that you can stream really. Check in with your local library, they will have an app for free audiobooks. I then borrowed the hard copy and read along with the streaming version. I just had to register for a library account. I put aside 2 hours minimum everyday for rehab, if I could get rid of hubby for a few hours that added extra hours to my rehab.

Good luck on your hearing journey…

Hello everyone,
Thanks for all of your advice and support. Monday I will be going for my first mapping since activation. Some of the weird noise are being replaced with sounds that make sense. It is unbelievable how much different it sounds now compared to the day after activation. I can’t believe how quickly the brain can adapt. I have to concentrate to hear the sounds that make sense under the sounds that don’t but it is getting easier each day. I’m using the Angel sound app at least 30 minutes each day along with streaming some videos with captions.
Monday when I go for my mapping I’m supposed to get the Kanso 2. They said it was backordered and gave me the Nucleus 7 at activation. I’m looking forward to getting this off my ear as it has been making it sore!


@SteveS I’m very happy to hear you are starting to make sense of the initial gobbledygook! Sounds you have been hearing… That’s quick work on environmental sounds. Well done! Onward and upward for you…

@SteveS I haven’t been on the forum much recently. When you get to work at home and can do some overtime, work seems to take over my life.

I’m glad to read that you are doing well after activation. I was lucky that I was able to understand words at activation, but I think that was because I received my implant 7 months after I lost the hearing in my one ear. I think the teory that the sooner you are implanted after hearing loss, the easier it is for your brain to comprehend words. The technology is amazing!

Each mapping will make the sounds better the ability to understand better. You will be amazed at how well you hear now, then at the next mapping, the audi makes it even better. It takes small steps for your brain to adjust, but it does.

You’ll love the Kanso 2 when you get it. I love mine! I do have my original N7 and I do use it. For example, the Kanso 2 has some bulk to it and when laying my head back against something, the N7 coil is more comfotable and doesn’t get pushed off the implant as easily. And, of course, with the Kanso 2, your ear will thank you because the N7 makes your ear sore.

Update for first mapping after activation.
Bad news, I can’t use the Kanso 2 as even with the strongest magnet it won’t stay on.
I was so looking forward to getting this off my ear.
So after the mapping today the sound quality is much better but now that I have wore it out in the real world it is extremely loud! I’m hoping that I get used to it because my next mapping isn’t for a month.
Speech comprehension is coming along much better now but a lot of environmental sounds still sound like bubbling or gurgling. But I am looking forward to see if I can hear my grandkids.

This might change as swelling goes down. Most people will drop down a number or two on magnet strength in about a year. This is my hopes as well.

This is very normal too. With the louder sound comes clarity. Did your fitter give you any volume control over the processor? Does it include treble and bass? These can be helpful at first that I see. It doesn’t take long to acclimate to the new mappings.

From your post it sure sounds like you are doing well. It’s pretty amazing how the gibberish and odd sounds slowly clear up and become recognizable sounds.