Acoustic Neuroma

I have been told that with complete deafness in one ear; Phonak Bi Cros would be the best system for me.

Anyone with suggestions would be appreciated.

If you have hearing loss in the better ear it would be a Bi-CROS but if your hearing is normal in the better ear it’s just a CROS. Phonak and Unitron are the only companies that have a wireless unit…Phonak is about to (or just did) release a CROS transmitter with a size 13 battery instead of the 312 allowing for 5-7 days of battery life instead of 2-3. Other manufacturers can usually do a CROS or Bi-CROS but it’s a wired system so it means connecting the two units with a small cable that goes across the back of the head…obviously most people go with the wireless system. Phonak’s is the best.

A friend of mine just got a Phonak Bi-cros from the VA and says the jury is still out whether he will be able to adjust to it or not. He lost his hearing in one ear to an Acoustic Neuroma several years ago.

Thanks for your reply; I am interested in how your friend makes out. Hope it goes well - this is all new to me.

He’s at about 6 weeks into the BiCross and he says " the jury is still out." He got the HA’s from the VA and says: if the BiCross doesn’t work out he’s ok with just the HA since he’s been without hearing in the ear for several years already. He has also looked into a CI and is open to it if it will work for him.