Accessories: Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves

Okay, so I’m officially entering the world of HAs (will be ending trial of Phonak Audeo M90s (open dome & rechargeable) and getting my very own pair this week).

What accessories do you recommend? What accessories aren’t worth the bother or $$? Why? (FYI, my ears have very little wax build-up.) Best source? (I have found Harris Communications,, thanks to this forum.)

  1. Dryer/Dehumidifiers? Or is the drying disk for the recharger sufficient?
  2. Second recharger?
  3. Jodi vacuum?
  4. Hearing aid wipes?
  5. Covers/sweat bands? If so, when to wear?
  6. Other?

Enquiring minds want to know :wink:


I’m not a very seasoned user, but I got the following for my Phonak M70-R’s.

  1. Compact charging unit for traveling.

  2. Drying (desiccant) disks for the main charger (little sweat or ear wax).

  3. TV Connector – this was big for me for both intelligibility and family harmony.

Both the accessory charger and the TV connector I got off of eBay for < 1/2 the cost of retail.

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Depends on who you are. Are you a minimalist or do you like to have extras of everything you might need? My take is none of the stuff listed is needed. (I’ve gone 3 years without any real issues) But if you like “stuff,” go for it.

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I am a fan of using a dryer nightly. The aids have never had a problem in my 10 years of using them. I am an outside person a sweat like a pig. Wax guards might be handy. The rest of your list is not needed in my opinion. But that’s why they Fords and Chevys.


Welcome! You will find lots of varying opinions on here, that is what makes this place so useful. I have not had my aids nearly as long as some folks on here, I am a relative newcomer, but here are my two cents from a moderately active wearer (I sweat, especially when riding my bike or gardening, but I don’t produce much earwax.)

Many people swear by a drying unit, some with UV disinfectant lights. Others say only a dehumidifier is necessary. I bought a Stay-Dri dehumidifier container (after seeing a lot of positive recommendations for it) and put my aid in it every night, with the battery compartment open and the tube taken off of the body so that any possible moisture can be removed from the tube easily. It also keeps it safe from the cat, haha! I have not had to recharge the silica disk yet, but when it changes color a pop in the microwave will dry it right out. I do not live in a humid area, and I always take my aid out when there is a possibility of getting wet (like washing the car today.) If I lived in a humid place or got caught walking in the rain a lot I would probably get a drying unit.

You will also want a cleaning brush, usually I believe they come with the HAs (mine did). If not, they are very inexpensive. One end has a long straight stiff-but-flexible rod-like bristle, that end is pushed through the tube to clear it of any wax, dust, etc. The other end is just a little brush to clean off the body, the mic holes, and clear any earwax off of the domes/moulds. Mine also has a magnet built into the handle end for those who have trouble with keeping ahold of the batteries, I never use it and since you are asking about rechargeables it will probably be moot for you as well. But every morning I take my HA out of the Stay-Dri and give it a thorough cleaning with the brush, any wax that was there is dry now and easy to just brush off. If you produce a lot of wax or have problems with moisture the little vacuum might be useful, I think.

I don’t use ‘hearing aid wipes’ because I clean my ears daily and have sensitive skin so I am not usually one to use products like that. Some people find them useful, though. Maybe if you are prone to ear infections it would help cut down on them as well?

I thought about getting the little sweat bands, there are a couple of brands I have seen with good reviews, so they may be beneficial. But the model of HA that I chose did not have any holes on the side that are more likely to get moisture in them (they were labeled from the manufacturer as ‘sweat resistant’) and my glasses arm keeps it from sitting right next to my sweaty head anyway, so I didn’t. I still may pick some up, I like the idea of the one with the little loop to keep it attached to your glasses arm so if my kiddo and I are playing sports outside it would be dry and secure. I haven’t had it fall off yet but I am paranoid.

Sorry to ramble, I am nothing if not thorough and long winded, lol!


I like stuff so I have all the toys.

I have a dryer that I rarely use because it is very dry where I live. But, when I forget and take a shower with my aids in, it becomes essential.

I am obsessive about keeping my aids clean, and I do have wax, so I love my Jodi vac. Also I have a high quality jewelers eye thingly to see every tiny spec. And sets of brushes and pics.

My days are often longer than rechargeables last so I carry back up batteries in a nice case.

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Well, I have a couple of recommendations. Both of my suggestions can be found on eBay at extremely favorable prices. I also have the marvel 90-R aids:

First and foremost on my list is the TV connector. Sound quality is amazing and it just comes on automatically whenever I get in the same room as the TV.

My second recommendation is to buy the power pack that attaches nicely to the bottom of the charger. It will give you up to 7 full charges. Came in very handy last week when we lost power for a few days during hurricane Dorian. I use my aids on average about 17 hours a day and I still got a total of 6 full charges.

I bought the power pack used from eBay for $35, and I bought the TV connector for $105 on eBay.

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I have a 4 year old and can just imagine coming downstairs to having her show get streamed right into my ear :joy: Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, whenever you’re in trouble… Those kids’ songs get stuck in my head so easily anyway, haha!

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Here’s my MUST-HAVE list. I wear Marvels that take 13 batts; keep a pair of Audeo B-Directs for my backups. Which reminds me …

  • Backup pair of aids - especially when traveling!
  • TWO TV Streamers: one for the laptop, one hooked up to my TV
  • UV sanitizer to store my aids in every night
  • Spare batteries on my person at all times
  • EarGear covers - not only protect against sweat, but also against hair dye when I get my hair cut 'n colored!
  • Silicone ear plugs for swimming/water sports

I’m a simple guy. Dryer, TV connect to keep my lady happy.

All I need and want is a simple jar full of desiccant for a dryer, some spare batteries, and some click sleeves to use sometime, possibly.