About Um bongo (real name also Steve)


Jack, I appreciate the thought; I hope you actually meant English-speaking, but I take the point. :wink:

Relocation to California, sounds like a plan, but I think it’s a bit expensive to live there. I hope you find a great Audiologist where you are!


Hi: Looking for some input on an issue involving the Roger Pen in a noisy environment like a restaurant… I find the pen itself is very helpful. But if I set up a network with another pen or two I find that there must be some significant signal loss when one of the the networked pens is being used on a lanyard as I cannot hear nearly as well as with the prime pen. I think there most be a loss of perhaps 30%. Anyone else have experience with this? I found last night that using the prime pen in a fully directional mode and pointing at the speakers at the table, I did better. Any solutions to help with this problem? Thanks, Ron.


Sorry I don’t have any experience of multiple Pen setups.

Just an observation, but on any signal channel, if you introduce a secondary input it will detriment the original signal. The phase delay in the sounds reaching the second mic adds interference, unless the two mics are directly on top of each other.


You’re better off starting a new thread rather then bringing up a 3 year old thread.


Thanks for the response Steve. You confirmed my suspicions of what was happening.


Good to hear about you. Have always respected your input and look forward to your opinion on hearing industry trade news releases.