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Thank you for taking the time to pull this together. I also enjoy reading Dan Schwartz’s blog. Unfortunately he doesn’t post very often. Seeing all this information concisely in one list and knowing that I haven’t misinterpreted that it is an applicable product is helpful.


Have a look at this website with its video of the mini-mike and what it does.

I have a pair of Verso 9s with a mini-mike and it is great.


Would you know the warranty for starkey earmolds within the UK?

Ive paid for new earmolds 3 weeks ago but my ear canal length is super short on my right side. I am unable to see the Audi until the end of April. Will I be out of time to have them re made free of charge? Thank you :slight_smile:


I’d stop by or call your audi and tell him the problems you are having with the right earmold and see what they say about the end of April.


I did today…

It was a decent length but it was causing me pain so he sent it back to starkey and asked for 5% to be shaved/taken off from the second bend to the end but keep the length.

He is a great Audi but the problem lies that he is only in my town one day aweek and is always super busy. I dropped by (no appt) to pick it up and noticed instead they have just chopped most of the canal bit off instead of just shaving it.

I’ve been to a different Audi (same company) that is based in a different town (1 hour away) but is there 5 days aweek and had my left earmold remade 3 times now. That one kept popping out my ear.

I’m having an operation that will leave me out of action until the end of April.

The different Audi also turned off SR in my left ear. I’m going back to him to sort out SR in my right ear on Monday. I will ask him about my earmold.

I also have a email address of the different Audi so can email him anytime but I don’t want to feel like I’m going behind my normal Audis back.


Most companies that make earmolds hold onto the impression for a while incase there are problems, perhaps they can make a new mold and shave it down and send it to the audi who is around more than the other guy. Most audiologist are able to make changes to molds in their office and I would think shortening the length would be something they can do in the office.


Just curious but can’t they modify the earmolds in the office? Why do they have to send them in to modify them??? Am I missing something???


They can’t modify in the audiologist office I go to. Even the one that is there 5 days a week.

They want to do a professional job, not just cut bits off with scissors etc. They used actual machines to do it.

My right earmold that I have back, altho the ear canal length is too short, you wouldn’t know that it has been shorten.


I’m sure the lab is going to use an xacto knife to modify the mold if it’s silicone or a Dremel if it’s acylic mold or sandpaper to finish it off. All these things the audiologist should have if they are going to deal with earmolds.


At the bottom of this link, will show you the machines they use to modify them better. It makes more of a neater job.


Uh, I own those in my office. These are tools that are easily obtainable by audiologists and REALLY should be a staple in any office that fits BTE hearing aids. I get that maybe in the office where the pro is there only once a week it might not be there, but I’d want a pretty good reason as to why it’s not there. We have a part-time office with an audiologist that is only there 1 1/2 days a week and one of the things I ordered for her to have was equipment to modify hearing aids/earmolds. Not having them is a pretty major deficit for any office.

I know it’s not anything you have control over, but unless the lab is completely remaking the hearing aid, the adjustments that you are requesting are things that every audiologist (and HIS I imagine) learns in their ‘earmolds 101’ class. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it is some adjustment that they cannot do.


Yes, not being able to adjust the moulds is a bizarre excuse. You can even prep a silicone mould with the right tools: I use a high speed wire brush on a dremel. Just thinking on, how are you meant to adjust the venting or fit of any acrylic moulds while you are fitting?

As for the original post, I’m not sure how long the moulds are covered for remakes; it will depend who has made them and whether the Dispenser has told the mould co. that you aren’t happy.

If the fit is poor then your dispenser should be comparing the moulds to the original impressions to find out why: I have a vernier calipers to check the accuracy of the reproduction in any particular direction.


These are my second set of earmolds and my ones that I had back in May 2012, they sent away to be shaved, luckily the shaved the right part of that one but I’m guessing they don’t owns these in their offices as they’ve never been able to do them.

I’m gonna email the other Audi and see what he says.


Well here it is…I’ve worn it and when I wear it, it seems super quiet so it’s not good. :frowning: It does look good tho but I would rather have a earmold that gives me hearing.


Have you tried replacing the tube and see if you get more sound? Could be a bad tube. From the picture it almost looks like the tube isn’t going all the way through the mold.


The tube is going thru the earmold all the way. Thank you :slight_smile:

The different in length is about 1 inch different so its quite a lot, I believe :smiley:


I’m guessing the sound outlet is going into the wall of the canal. Cutting a v-notch across the face of the mould on the output side.

Edit: thinking again on this - is the tubing double thickwall? If it’s the a bit thinner than what you have now the Feedback Manager will drop the sound level.

Edit 2: Is there a filter/obstruction visible in the tubing too?


Hi Steve,

As a regular fitter of Widex products, I was wondering whether you’ve tried any of the new fashion BTE form factor and what you thought about it. Is it considerably smaller than the 9-BTE or just thinner?


Not as regular as Widex would like…

I haven’t fitted one yet as my ‘bread and butter’ products are RIC, so I don’t know. Smaller form factor BTE tend to have a harder time in the market as they aren’t as pretty as the RIC and aren’t as powerful/long lasting as the 13 BTE.

That said if you have ears with effusion or serious wax issues and wear specs, it’s quite an elegant design. The performance of the Dream platform even in the lower models, due to some of their unique approaches seems to work well for people. OTOH, they are expensive which inevitably passes on to the customer in one way or another.


Um Bongo (Steve)

At 75 I’m on my 1st HAs (5yrs) and I don’t qualify as “expert” in any phase of HA use however, I have come to a conclusion as to what’s important to successful HA experience: 1) Initial expectation of of the HA user, 2) Picking HAs that can meet your HA needs, esthetic and physical and 3) A good Audi who can help with the whole process. Off the three I think the Audi is far and away the most important! He/she can help focus expectations and understand the realities of what’s possible, can help chose HAs that best suit your needs and controls fitting and programming to actually implement what you want. From reading some of your comments it’s to bad you are so far away from Seal Beach, CA and use the same language (American).