About to buy. Help!

Man, there’s too much information to digest! I have mild hearing loss (crowds, parties, resturants, etc) and was interested in the Oticon Epoq because a friend has them. Limited research on the internet makes me think they are the most technically advanced HA’s on the market–at least they win a lot of awards and the PR says so.
Do I really need to spend that kind of money or are there other HA’s that do the same job?


Check out HearSource.com. I wear their open fits and get along great. Saved a ton. I like the ability to adjust them myself. Good luck.

They are very advance instruments, I had great success - as they are quite easy to fit…

Most of the rave about the oticon is that they where perhaps the first that integrated a full bluetooth compatibility, along with true binaural processing…
However, it is important to say they are not the only one. Siemens had introduce a while ago instruments that sincronize themselves… Meaning for example when one of them had a feature like directionality on it will comunicate to the other and the other would to… Oticon said, this is not procesing, this is only sincronization…
While, I do not dispense Phonak, they also have a very interesting product
call exelia (worth considering) which has similar features…

So more less your choices are exelia, epoq W or Centra…

Oticon will introduce Epoq V (cheaper)
in 1 week time

America hears do not have this kind of technology or capability…

Thank you. I’m going to wait and see what’s going to be introduced next week. A few more days isn’t going to make any difference to me.

trust me, the choices from ALL manf will increase…
Expect better mid price instrument (more features for less price)
So far the following companies had anouce new products: Starkey, Oticon, Bernafon, Unitron, Sonic Inv, GN, etc…

I’m enjoying my first HAs; today is day #3. I have the Oticon Epoq XWs with streamer.

I came to this model after seeing it mentioned as a CES (computer electronics show) award-winner. I was tested years ago, and have known I could benefit from HAs for quite some time. The hype of the new Epoqs got to me. I love gadgets, so I finally came to the decision that I wanted the Epoqs. I was ready to take the plunge.

My audi agreed with my choice–she’s fitted several people with them. She gave me a very fair price (I’d done my research), and within 2 days, I was wearing these.

Apparently the headaches I had the first 2 days were “normal” (I rarely get headaches, so it’s reasonable to blame the HAs). And that itchy ear-canal feeling is gone, too.

And, by the way, I love the improved hearing. NOT ONCE in 3 days have I had to ask, “what?” The volume of my TVs is turned way down now. And today, out walking my dog, an elderly woman drove up along side me in her (typically noisy) car, and I chatted with her about our dogs (same breed). NO PROBLEM!!! There’s no doubt I couldn’t have understood her nearly as well before my Epoqs.

I have the RITE model, with domes. I have zero complaints. They’re very lightweight, there’s no “clogged up” feeling. These things are really smart—they’ve notched out the noise of my hair brushing against the mics. That’s amazing.

Whatever will I do if one of my hearing aids breaks? I can’t function without them!

It’s good to hear success stories…Glad you are doing so well! (and hopefully they won’t break down! :slight_smile: )

Phonak? If so do you know what?

Phonak? If so do you know what?

I SUspect Phonak will release the microExelia, which has the same tech as Exelia but in a mini BTE format shich I suspect will be similar to a Centra active size as it uses a size 13 battery

As Hearnow has correctly point out, competition is everything.
Tego, which was Oticon was in dire need for an upgrade- from the
cosmetic point of view as well as from the audiological point of view.

Therefore, aprx 1 yr after their new top end instrument they will be releasing
a new instrument Vigo. Phonak in turn had delay about 8months (euha) to release their top instrument.

That said, it is likely they will introduce- a better mid price instrument (as the extra would not be as competite as say the Vigo). It is highly likely, to my view that they will have a better value instrument, as they will probably
examine the vigo plus other to create a more competitve instrument.

It had happend when the extra was release… Therefore, It would not be crazy
if they launch something with basic wireless capabilites @ a mid price. (wild guess)

On the other hand, Phonak had released their new super power- so I would also expect a much needed upgrade to the sumo DM (which really needs an upgrade)…

Thanks for the info (and hearnow as well)

What are the price ranges for low - mid - high?

though question to answer, depends on where you live, etc

Well, that makes sense. I live in the southeast USA, Georgia specifically.