About 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Technology in HAs for Android

I want to know that generally the 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Technology in current Hearing Aids will be work in Future new Android version for Direct Streaming and make calls like iPhone?

Or The HA manufacturers will introduce new HAs for support Android like the Phonak Audéo B Direct?

I am expecting a favourable feedback from the Forum Members…

It isn’t so much if as when. It isn’t actually BT but implementing the right codec for BT5LE to provide the services needed.

As far as I know so far, there are three sides to the deal. 1. Bluetooth standards need to be standardized. 2. After which the phone manufacturers need to adopt those standards. 3. Then finally the HA manufacturers need to adopt those standards.

The Phonak is a great start. No stereo music from a phone though. And some would prefer hearing phone calls in both ears that the Phonak doesn’t do. They’re limited by current standards. But the one-sided truly hands-free is a great start.

All of us non-Apple types are waiting for those standards though.

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I want to know that the Current 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Technology will be work in the future Android version (I heard Android P 9.0 may be support to HAs)

Most new versions of Bluetooth are backwards compatible to a large degree but there are no guarantees - even in the Apple universe eventually old technology becomes obsolete and is eventually not supported. That is called progress. It is pretty slow, though, in the HA connectivity world. I think the future is Bluetooth 5 so don’t hold out for an older technology solution when a far better one is on the way.

I think it’s all conjecture right now. I found Android Is Getting More Accessible With Support For Bluetooth Hearing Aids a while ago. It doesn’t tell us very much about what they’re developing. It could be support for current generation bluetooth-enabled mfi hearing aids. That would mean that Apple don’t have that segment locked down as tightly as we thought. It could be initial support for a future generation of hearing aids. Bluetooth 5 maybe? It could mean extra support for the few current aids that use Bluetooth Classic.

You can have a look at the code but you’d have to know C++ and have a good understanding of the inner workings of Bluetooth to get anything out of it. If you do, let us know.

I’ve been doing a little reading as well and I see this has all been well hashed out already here with no known timeframe. I see BT5 LE is already a standard. It looks like Samsung has it in one or more of their phones. They also have a little built-in “hearing test” which is kinda nifty. The problem is that Android needs to make sure that these features are required features for all their manufacturers. Not just whether the manufacturer feels like including it in their product.

So it seems to me that the HA manufacturers have to catch up. Will they? Who knows? Maybe they’re just content to market connectivity with just the iphone so they can say they have connectivity to something. “You want phone streaming?..we can do that…get an iphone”… kinda thing. Even though there are FAR more Android devices than IOS devices…it’s that Android isn’t standardized themselves. The Phonak Direct is still a great start though.