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That first shot is truly striking.



If you want a nice little hike someday, try hiking from Golden Gate Park to the straits area via the Presidio region, then from around where you took your photo to Fisherman’s Wharf. I think the wife and I did that after hiking from downtown SF out to Golden Gate Park in the AM - it was on the Bay to Breakers day race, I think, which is a pretty weird event, whatever the march is where everyone heads off to the west, including a number of naked people, etc.! Forget what the tower is in Golden Gate park but if you go on up into that when you get there, you get a marvelous 360 deg panorama (or so) of the race/march participants streaming into the park, too. Update: It’s the Hamon Observation Tower, next to the De Young Museum. If you Google it, you can get some 360 deg views.

The picture is great. California is blessed with a number of areas of exceptional beauty. Hard to find anything equivalent in Texas!

I may be confusing Bay to Breakers with some other annual SF event but here’s what it says about participants for the B2B event:



Oh my gosh. That’s not a beach.

Here’s a beach. https://www.gulfshores.com/