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@pvc - You didn’t warn us that we have to be careful driving in Google’s Street View! I guess I was clumsy putting the Street View guy on the map, careened off road, landed in a stream (safely in Virtual Reality), and found someone else there already (not my wife!).



PVC, Mariposa and Yosemite are a tad North of me. If you ever go to Shaver or Huntington Lake you’ll go right by my place. Let me know and I’ll take you for lunch or dinner.



I spent about a month at the Madera ethanol plant for its mechanical completion and start up. Took a day trip while there to Yosemite park. That park is absolutely beautiful. Took another day trip down to Moro bay for my first look at the Pacific. Stayed in Fresno while there. California is a beautiful state.

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And there was another valley just to the north of it, the Hetch Hetchy, that John Muir and others thought comparable in beauty to the Yosemite. It was dammed for irrigation and to supply water to the City of San Francisco. So when you’re in SF, remember where some of your water comes from!



You were in my back yard then! :+1:t4: