Aarp and hearusa



Has anyone researched this program? I think they sell siemens aids and advertise a 20% discount with 90 trial.


There are some that feel the benefits/discounts don’t really add up. Read below and draw your own conclusions.


AARP is nothing but a marketing company in the guise of an advocacy group. They work out marketing schemes with various vendors and project the image that they’ve worked out a discount plan for seniors. It’s all a sham and they have royally failed as advocates for senior citizens often lobbying in opposition to the desires of the people they pretend to represent (eg the health care “reform” act).

I don’t trust them and avoid any dealings with them.


And get downright tired of their constant mailings. What don’t they understand about the word “NO”. Oh yeah, that’s right, they are like telemarketers and don’t stop when you say no. I saw through their scheme many years ago, and think they should be charged with taking advantage of and abuse of seniors.


I note they accept ads for products including hearing aids. What does that tell you?

To be a true advocate no money may pass. Would you say these guys are no better than people that rob and plunder.

It’s amazing to me that they are able to sell their magazine to millions of people.

Just my personal opinion, Ed


My observation has been that they generally don’t accept ads for hearing aids but they allow ads for sound amplifiers posing as hearing aids! My mother-in-law gets the newsletter and there is all sorts of junk being sold with statements such as “better than hearing aids” for a $30 product.

Truly not serving the interest of their readers.


I would love to see their complete financials. Bet there are some high salaried and or high perked executives. I would be shocked if there weren’t. Way of the world. Take advantage of the elderly?


HearUSA pays AARP for the opportunity to market to their members. Yes, most HearUSA aids are Siemens; they are contractually bound to sell 90% Siemens as Siemens has invested a lot of money in their company over the years.


I thought I saw that AARP hearing USA sells Oticon Opn ? With a good discount along with your membership. No? Yes?


I agree. It is almost impossible to get rid of them once you belong. I disagree with their politics so I canceled my membership. Talk about persistent! I had to finally tell them to take me off their mailing list. I think it’s a scam outfit.


yeah, I might check with my HearUSA about the OPN hearing aids as well (will go plus power hopefully later or after my birthday at the end of the year!)

P. S. the peeps at HearUSA is wonderful, the new audi I got stuck with other one retired made me earmolds since the one I wore before is really nasty