A few vids and a blog from the convention

Were there any releases of other new products except the Epoq V and Starkey Zon? I hope someone will post some pics for us all to see on this forum soon :slight_smile:

tons of releases, almost every company had a new product:

oticon did release the Vigo and Vigo pro

Resound launch a product call Be (very very clever- wich looks like a CIC
but at microfone is at the end of the string) - I would have never
thought of this… Real clever. The anouce the Sparx a new super power
and the Ziga- a mid price instrument - in between pixel and plus 5 (real nice) with a very good price.

Widex, feature the passion. Sonic Inv - feature a new mini velocity. I did saw the product and the design was real nice, the batery opens in a different direction which is a feature rather unexpected.

Siemens, introduce Vibe, trek and Pure and some wireless bluetooth solution

Sebotek introduce a very nice instrument open fit

Bernafon introduce the Move, which looks like a Vigo …

I did not had the time to check everything but it was a great show

Sounds really good. I’m glad that you had fun. How would the Siemens Wireless compare to Oticon’s Epoq XW and Phonak’s Exelia or were they still a bit hush-hush?

I did not had time to see the siemens, but they where featuring a wireless solution that was available to all instrument i think…

I have to say that what blew me away was GN be…

it looks like a CIC instrument with a string…
It turns out that the string has the microphone in it

That is thinking out of the box!

So I assume the CIC is very small and the microphone is the removal cord? Is this microphone rigid or similar to receiver in the canal wiring?

the wire comes out of the batery drawer and it is similar to the reciver in the ear, it looks real tiny and it is something you dispense in 5 minutes or so…

I hope they have tested the abuse, as I can totaly see that thing
being destroyed rather quick

other than that the design look real clever… Dang those danish know how to design things

I thought that the Epoq V was to be released for the convention…:smiley:

Oticon did indeed release the Epoq V.

Some of the very new products that were at the convention won’t be available until May or June.

ReSound’s Be is a little strange looking, basically like a flat CIC aid with a wire going from the end of the aid and curling around the inside of the outer ear with the mic ending up toward the top of the ear.

Another product was released by I think either Phonak or Siemens which is sort of similar to ReSound’s Be. The case of the aid sits in the top part of the outer ear, and then there is a thin tube into the ear. The case can be changed out by the consumer, and it will come with five different cases which the customer chooses (sort of like a Swatch watch, change it to match your outfits I suppose). The one the rep was wearing had Zebra stripes…I’m not sure what other colors will be available or what the price point will be.

I did not like the siemens product at all…

In all fairness - Resound did came up with a new product which was completely unheard of … Having a microphone as a thin wire in something that looks like a cic is really clever… they are coming back for sure

their software needs an upgrade still- it needs an upgrade 4 sure

It was definitely different (Siemens Vibe)

Here’s an article about it and the convention:

Oh, just found a page on Siemens’ site with pictures:

did you like the siemens aid?

from the audiological point of view what novel features did it offer?

Nothing new: 8 channel with soundsmoothing and feedback control; it seems to be around an entry level product.

I’m still not sure if I like the look of this one or ReSound’s Be…I think thin tube BTEs are less noticeable, but I suppose for someone whose glasses interfere with their aids these products may be a nice alternative…still keep the ear canal open.

I just came back from AAA also.

Thought the Siemens Vibe appeared to be a very poorly designed product and not very appealing.

I thought the Resound Be was the most appealing instrument announced, and to be released in June. I personally thought about this design a few years ago and are glad that Resound actually finished such a design.

Since the part that inserts into the ear is so narrow and small, it allows for an open fit for everyone except a tiny ear and directional mics (I forgot if it was a true dual mic or dual port).

I haven’t been dispensing Resound for a few years (since the EZ-5 and then Canta 7), but I will be trying the Be, since it is such a revolutionary design product.

The Exelia was also shown (Phonak) and I finally recieved my first Icom, so I am looking forward to trying it out and also linking with the Artone TVB.

Any pics or anything on this Resound Be??

Admin -

Can you spare us some details about the Icom, since Phonak is still holding it so close to its chest still?? I’m a little confused about how it works, since it doesn’t (according to posts I’ve read here) use FM or telecoil. In what setting does the user set the HA to in order to be able to use the Icom - - or is it all automatic (like easyphone - auto telecoil)???


i send pics today, it blew my mind

i thought the resound be as a great product,
i like to see what audiological features are built in…

Gn has really start to come back…

The Ziga seem like a nice product as well…

did U see the nearcom from oticon?

it was cool