AAA Show in San Diego in April

I just booked my flight to attend the AAA show in San Diego in April.

Please post if you will be attending this year. I would also like to arrange a time and place that our audiologists and HIS can meet up at during the convention and/'or at a certain time and place at one of the manufacturer’s parties (which I am sure most of us who attend go to).

Post any suggestions also.

Look forward to seeing what new hearing aids and equipment that will be released.

unfortunately I would not go this year, I will go to EUHA

Sorry to hear you won’t make it last year, and I am sorry I missed you in Dallas.

I will see if I can make EUHA, but will definitely be attending AAA every year.

Have been extremely busy in our practice and also on our battery business, but thank you and the other professionals for helping out all of our users.

I’m seriously wanting to do this. Personal circumstances aside, I’d be there like a shot. I don’t think she’ll be too happy though… :wink:

Same here, I have taken added respo. - I love to go but it is likely this will not happen

I wouldn’t mind visiting AAA again … but the airline security nowadays turns a mini-vacation into a nightmare!

It’s always pleasant to visit an ex-Colony to see how they have developed from their British roots!

Anyway EUHA is a lot easier for me as it’s usually a short direct flight, and I have friends in Germany and can speak German.

Are the lectures and presentations at the EUHA in English or German on both? I am also considering going this year.

First trip for me to AAA this year - really looking forward to checking it out! Also having a bit of a look around afterwards - I think a trip to Vegas is on the cards!

you dispense and also use HI. Do you test some of the instrument on your self.
Please post your exp.

Hi xbulder - thanks for your interest…

where to start… I’ve got a bit of a spiel on myself at my website

I graduated as an audiologist in 2005 - prior to that I work for Australian Hearing (the government hearing provider) as a technician.
SInce graduation I worked for Australian Hearing as an Audiologist (only lasted 12 months before the “sausage factory” mentality got to me)… I spent two years at siemens (ironically spending most of my time training AH clinicians). In 2008 I opened my own clinic in Brisbane, then another soon after up on the Sunshine Coast at Noosa.
I’ve got good relationships with all the manufactuers (audiology is a small circle in Australia - everyone knows everyone) I’ve also tried most brands. I primarily fit siemens, bernafon and starkey - but I don’t limit myself. It’s a fine line between pursuing economies of scale (AH for example solely uses siemens so they get them cheap) and keeping abreast of all models to best meet consumer needs.
Issues we have in Australia include increasing vertical integration (i.e manufacturers buying clinics) - it’s one of the reasons I don’t use oticon much even though I won’t complain about their hearing aids which are good - but they compete with me!!!
Also - smaller independent clinics are tending to be sold off to these large chains - audiologist IMHO are being forced to be salespeople first and clinicians second which is a real shame
The other issue I have (and I’m a little torn on this one) is the growing trend of buying hearing aids on-line.
As a consumer I’m all for reducing the price of hearing aids - but the reduction in standards and service bothers me. There are times when I think why did I bother doing my masters degree when someone can just advertise on the web - do a “first fit” and send them out.

As far as my hearing impairment goes - I wish I didn’t have it but it REALLY helps my ability as an audiologist (I’m not sure how anybody without a hearing loss, including audiologists can fully understand occlusion, issues with cutlery, with comfort, and the perceptual rather than just theoretical differences between devices and technology levels) - I do have to be careful not to put my own stuff on other people though!

I’m still searching for the “perfect” hearing aid and also the best delivery model to help people (i.e best service low prices) if anyone has any ideas I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Vertical integration is happening internationally inn emerging markets, already phonak
is buying its dealers and they are letting the past owners operate run their companies.
they did it in Mexico, Brazil and even smaller countries as well. Soon others will follow

Perhaps the best model isn’t “professionals selling hearing aids” although it may be difficult to accept this. I am an engineer and have HiPro and Noahlink setups and can program my Phonak hearing aids. I’ve been at this over five years and understand it reasonably well.

That said I would love to run across a guy/gal professional who was really good and truly thorough at doing this for me. I would be happy to pay him/her like I pay my dentist. I would much prefer to to deal with a true pro (even an expensive one) who isn’t also a retailer.

I realize that discussions about this could drag on interminably so I’ll keep my comments and questions at the hardware level.

Hi Admin

Will you give us a review as to what was on show at the conference?


phonak anouce their TV box (they pull out the last one- to damn complicated and it has delayed problems). Unitron had its version of the OK (not oK!). Sonic In has a sweet new Super power, Oticon Agil (no news), Starkey IQ -It is not clear what is new- they claim they are best in class, blah blah. Im I missing something?

Cheers Xbulder

Well has anyone seen if Widex Clear has been previewed?

Starkey will also be releasing a new hearing aid called OTOLENS. It fits in the second bend of the ear like the LYRIC implantable hearing aid. But it uses digital technology instead of analogue and is fully programmable and removable by the user (LYRIC has to be removed by the ENT and is not fully programmable). It uses an S Series 11 circuit…

The only difference brought about by Starkey IQ is a claimed better noise manager, circuit is the same as S Series otherwise.

dr. amy