AAA Convention.....products? (question)

How do you get information on all the new stuff released during the AAA convention next week???

I mean, there’s lots of sites dedicated to PMA (photo marking association - digital cameras and the like), and CES (Consumer Electronic Show - anually at Las Vegas), but does anyone know of anything covering the AAA show in North Carolina for next week?? I would love to see what comes out of there - alot of the manufacturers are keeping a tight lid on stuff till then…:smiley:


well there is someone who has a blog, from the hearing products report I think
He did cover the Ada Show las year so I guess he will cover this one this year…
It will be nice if admin or someone who did run the forum would had a blog …

I’ve got a blog:
Auris Repletus [latin for ear full]. I don’t update it as much as I would like to do, but it’s better than nothing!