A way to transmit fm radio to iPhone so I can send it to my hearing aid


So this is a weird thing I need to find a work around for. Some of our local venues, a convention setting and one of our theatres offer “fm” transmitting for the deaf/hard of hearing. Basically they want to give you ear buds with a small fm radio to send the sound to. Problem is I then cannot use my hearing aid. Is there SOME way with some kind of cables or something I can transmit the fm sound (from a portable fm radio) to the iPhone which can then stream directly to my hearing aid??



I don’t know of anyway to connect them to an iPhone, but if you have tcoils you can connect a neck loop or ear hooks to the fm radio and use it that way.



That was my initial plan, and what I had done in the past however every source I’ve checked online seems to say they are discontinued. I only can hear in one ear so I wanted mono hook or a neck loop but all that’s available are the expensive powered ones which I don’t need…
I’m going to try to see if an in-line cable to iPhone might work. Looks like it’s usually used for recording from other sources…



Hi Jessica, Please post your findings. I am interested in this as well.

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If you have a tv streamer, you can plug it into a cheap phone battery back up and plug the fm into it and stream in stereo. I did this when I had to show costco hearing aid specialist a problem I was having. He was surprised it worked that way.

Battery pack is small and so is the streamer and would fit in a purse or fanny pack. I use the newer signia/rexton streamer and it is much better sound then my iphone.



Why not just use a radio app on your iphone to stream fm radio ?

IU tuse TuneIn Radio



I’m not trying to stream a radio station but a venue that streams their program or concert. It’s only good
In that building and those kinds of apps stream through internet not directly from an fm channel

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ahh I see… sorry dont have any ideas…

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Huh… I don’t have a tv streamer although I’m thinking about it… it seems expensive though!! Do you use a aux for tv to the streamer ?



Is this something I could do with my compilot? Don’t know what a cheap battery pack is Could you clarify please?



I have a $10 7200 ma battery pack that connects with your phone charging cable, by usb. They are available anywhere phone accessories are sold. Mine is older, but works well. Many newer ones are 2 to 3 times more powerful and are only the size of your phone. Plug the streamer in with whatever inputs your streamer has and turn it on. I wouldn’t use it every day but it will work. Lots of people use one to connect a computer to stream movies or music. It also charges the phone, and we all need that if we stream a lot. Ask any teenager to help.



The Compilot 2 has a headphone jack. You can plug a sound source directly into the Compilot 2.



Can you wear headphones over your hearing aids? What brand of aids? I can’t see your signature so not sure what you wear.