A survey about aspect design of children hearing aids

Hi everybody, this is Yilin Wang.I’m a postgraduate student from Royal College of Art, and my department is Jewellery&Metal, my research pathway is functional jewellery.

Currently, I’m doing a projects of hearing aids. When I was in High school, there were 2 classmates having problems of hearing disorder. I found that the hearing aids they worn were not good-looking, the colour is close to skin colour, which endeavor to become a part of our body.

Some children with hearing disorder have to wear hearing aids or cochlear implant after they were born, these medical devices will be with there in life-long time. And at same time, these devices also make children feel unconfident and self-abased during growing up because of the dull and invariable aspects.

So I’m thinking about if hearing aids or cochlear implants as a part and a organ of our body, can we not hide this part with fleshcolour any more, but see it as the most decorative part. So I wanna make hearing aids and cochlear implant have personal identities, maybe everyone can choose there favorite hearing aid covers like we use iPhone with phone covers.

Currently, I focus on hearing aids for children and I designed a online questionnaire to do more research. To help more hearing-loss children, please complete the survey for me! Thank you very much. The link below is my online questionnaire.

Here’s a start: the thread on tubes right here.

I had just added (seconds ago!) my own gripe about the AWFUL color of molded aids: that shiny, cheap-looking beige tone. I totally agree with your approach of making hearing devices zany and COLORFUL - especially for kids/teens. It draws attention to the fact that they may need folks to face them when talking, but also takes the stigma off something that looks like it was made for ancient old folks needed by vibrant young ones!

I would’ve taken your survey, but I have no kids of my own. However, as a kid, I myself probably would’ve benefited from aids, but my folks couldn’t afford them, so I had to limp along till I was 35 and could afford my first pair. Back then, even employers wouldn’t cover the cost of HAs.

Maybe you could change the questions of the survey so folks like ME - who would’ve been a kid needing aids - could answer it too? Not sure how that would happen.

It would be FABULOUS - and maybe Apple could take a hint here! - if aids become as unique-looking and fashionable as, say, Elton John’s specs back in the day. Why not?