A shout out to our Costco!


With all the the pros and cons of Costco discussed here i have to rave about ours. The senior hearing aid specialist there was a sound engineer for 10 years,wont let you walk out the door without REM, and gave me the most comprehensive testing i have ever had!
He spent 3x longer than the audi at my ENT and explained my test in detail. This was AFTER he said from the get go that he had no devices to help my complex issue. I said why would you bother since i’m not buying and he said testing me anyhow is part of my membership!
Guess where my family members with less complex losses are going to be getting all their HAs?!?!!!



Glad you had a good experience. I’ve heard the experience varies widely, but I’m glad you fall on the positive end of the spectrum. Did he give some reason why he couldn’t fit you? They have access to essentially last year’s greatest technology, which is still very good.



Aside from the testing, did you get the free demo (walking-around-the-Costco-warehouse) with a set of new Costco programmed hearing aids?

If yes, I’m wondering if the results were any better than your current dismal 5yo ReSound Verso performance?



We didnt try aids in store.

  1. he thought bi-cross might be needed and they don’t have them
  2. he said the tinnitus feature on my Resounds is not specific to the overwhelming sound at one frequency that is interfering with processing in my other ears and while Phonaks could be programmed more specifically and have echo control he wanted me to have a choice of aids as Widex Starkey or Siemens might work for the tinnitus
  3. suggested a referral to an ear specialist that would have better insight into my needs than regular ENT before i try to make any decisions what to try


Stellar service; quick access; incredible repair, replacement, and adjustment policies; and fair pricing are what I enjoy from my Costco here in Clearwater, FL.



I had an excellent experience overall. My initial test showed that I had cookie bite hearing loss.
After much research I decided on the Resound Vida 8 with the option to add rechargeable batteries later on.
I was able to test the Resound in the store.
The fit visit was great. The REM put my HAs exactly on the audiogram. On the 2 week follow up I needed one quick tweak. I adjusted to the HA very well and use the APP on my iPhone often.
Since this was my first HA purchase I am very pleased with the entire process, price, service and Costco employees.



It is know to be hit or miss, but I struck a hit. Just wanted people to know if they don’t need last week’s model they may excellent care there. It’s like any other profession. Good MDs, Lousy MDs- Good therapists, Lousy therapists … Talking to the guy after he said he loves working there as he is providing a service and not forced to try to squeeze people’s nickels as the prices are fixed.