A question regarding frequency lowering candidacy

Agree about dampers, get the gain.

Have you found anyone who will make molds with the Libby horn? I would also think getting the deepest molds possible would best.

This attachment is very old. Do you think it still stands 35 years later?

I don’t know, its from the book Essentials of modern hearing aids (Todd Rickets, Ruth Bentler, H. Gustav Mueller). Libby horn is pretty standard tubing, I believe all laboratories are offering this approach. The problem is that the tubing that is used to measure the official gain is a horn too. I think that with #13 tubing the official gain is not achievable.

Maybe @Neville or @Um_bongo could help with your question.
I would think the latest software and acoustics have improved since the 1980’s but I am no expert at all.


Using Libby Horns for tuning is a bit passé now. Most modern aids have enough power in the LF, but some software features a ‘Bass Boost’ function.

Real Ear Measurement would tell you if it’s necessary or not.

A potential downside is that a Libby Horn ‘always’ provides more gain, this might or might not be a good thing, depending on your experience of wind noise or tyre rumble. Also bear in mind that there’s not much speech information in that area, so what you’re turning up could be masking your speech perception.


With Sound Recover 2 maxed out - 800 Hz lower cut-off, 1500 Hz upper cut-off and 2700 Hz max output frequency, Libby horn (3 mm) can help with enhancing the lowered “s”. Now I have a decent hearing with SR2 on up to 5200 Hz and after that the sound starts to decrease (checked with a frequency generator app).

Great, if you’re enjoying a benefit from them. Acoustically you’re turning up everything in that range, whether it’s beneficial or not, however if it works for you, crack on.

Subjectively if you prefer the Libby Horn; it’s your Hearing, you set-up the response that works best for you.

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Naida Marvel doesn’t have enough gain to cover my right ear audiogram, thats why I’m considering a new Libby horn style tubing. The area that will be increased with the horn is a bit outside the fitting range of Naida M.