A question for Admin

Can you tell me if you have any plans to have an app for iOS and Android in the near future please? A Hearing Tracker app would be a godsend for those of us that don’t have a desk top or lap top computer.

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I agree, having an App would be so much easier.

Some of the features using safari and an iPhone don’t work.

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Zebras I only have an iPad or iPhone also. And yes a lot of features just don’t work on these devices. Just getting to the forum, I have to keep an email and get in this way.

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I’ll take an app long before I’d let Facebook track me or bombard me with hearing related advertisements.

I use DuckDuckGo in private mode on my iPad, Fire Tablet and iPhone and there isn’t any tracking possible for Google or Facebook

I use Duck on top of Brave on my PC. Everything works great.


I use Duck Duck
Samsung browser and ADGuard.

Wouldn’t mind an app.
It would be easier.

@Zebras I’ve just got into the forum from using the app IPB BUDDY… I’m not sure if it’s going to be successful long term though.


Oh that’s good, I’ll give it a try.

@Zebras Hearing Tracker uses the Discourse platform so you can use the Discourse Hub app if you prefer that to a browser. On my iPhone it makes no difference, so I stick with Safari but I know that some users of another forum I’m active in prefer the Discourse app to the browser.

You login using the URL forum.hearingtracker.com and your usual username and password.


I don’t know if i understand, but i am using the Android app.

There is an Android app on the play store.

An app only could limit some people from using the forum. Some people may not want an app hogging up space on their phone that they only use occasionally

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Agree with this post.

@hass5744 an app would only give another way of accessing the forums. It wouldn’t have any effect on the website and how it operates, nor would it impact any users who don’t want to use the app.

I would like one as well…


David thank you, Discourse hub works better than IPB Buddy.

I’m not very IT literate, and having to access the forum is difficult. Especially if I’ve deleted all the emails. But having this app will be great.

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You type in hearing aid forum. Pretty simple

I use duck duck as well as a VPN not issues works well and no tracking. As for facebook deleted that page and sold my FB stock years ago.