A question about size 13 batteries

My new Phonak P50 HA uses size 13 batteries and my audiologist suggested the Power One batteries with the orange sealing tab. I was shopping online for these and I see this size battery by that brand but they have a gray tab on them. Is there any difference other than the tab color?

Not sure but the size 13 batteries are all ways seen with either orange tabs or orange containers. The PowerOne aids have orange containers, but all of the tabs for all sizes are gray. So I am guessing your Audi meant the tabs or containers are orange.

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Thank you for pointing out the packaging to me. I had not noticed the orange background in the packaging.

My Power 1 size 13 have black tabs. The coloring on the package is orange.


Thanks. Apparently, tab colors aren’t going by a set standard.

i thought the color was standardized based on size. All the 13 batteries I’ve had used orange tabs…
my audi gave me some power ones early on durring the trial period and they performed well. SOmetime later I ordered some from amazon and they had variable life…mostly not good at all…

I’ve had very good luck so far using the amazon brand size. I’m on my third I think bulk pack of them…get a solid week out of them with constant use…probably more like 8 days but I generally just replace them on Saturday to avoid the hassle. I think I had one battery so far beep on me mid week. The only thing is they seem to not hold on long after the first warning beep telling me they are getting low. Some of the others I tried…maybe the power ones…seemed to beep for a very long time before they ultimately shut down…but like I said most of the time I don’t let these go so I’m not sure how consistent that is…

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Thanks for your input on the 13 batteries. I have so far only used the Power One batteries and if I do not use any Bluetooth with my Phonak P50 HA, I can get about 8 to 10 days of use from them. I hesitate to buy in bulk at this point due to shelf life concerns.

yes, what I buy is a pack of 60…so I get 30 weeks or about 7-1/2 months with my premature weekly replacing routine. I’m not even sure what the expiration date is on them but I’ve not had a problem with that so far… still valid point. It’s been a while since I looked at the pricing and i don’t recall how much money it actually even saves buying in bulk…whatever that amount is, it’s not much in the big scheme of things. For me it’s more about convenience I suppose.

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