A newbie needing advice on tinnitus and hearing aids

Hi All,
I have mild to moderate hearing loss in the mid to high. I have been fine without hearing aids until now. I also have had tinnitus for a few years.
Lately the tinnitus has gotten a lot worse and is making it harder.
I decided to get a hearing aid at 70,retired and on a budget.
I am looking at the Costco Kirkland Ks 9.
Is there anyway to add tinnitus masking to it?
Thanks in advance,

Costco doesn’t provide aids with tinnitus therapies. Tinnitus therapies are also anecdotal. Works for some. Not for others. If you wish to find out if they work for you then you’ll need to go elsewhere.

(last I heard on all counts)

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I think with just the HA’s alone you will get some relief, but not a lot. I have HA’s with a Tinnitus masker and wasn’t to impressed. I think they help with their white noise masking but then, in quieter times, you hear a good amount of white noise. Initially, I had my audi adjust for Tinnitus, then after a while had them back down on it since it wasn’t making that much of a difference. Personally, I don’t think there really is a fix for it, we just have to learn to live with it. In saying that, the new HA’s you ordered should help you overall and I bet you are pleased with them and the Tinnitus won’t be such a big deal once you can hear well again. Just my 2 cents worth… hope everything works out better for you.

Thanks for your response.It is helpful.
I went to Costco yesterday and tried the Rexton Motioncore li rechargeable $1800 and the Kirkland KS 9 battery type $1600.
The Rexton was really natural sounding and I couldn’t seem to notice the tinnitus, but you can’t answer phone calls with it(Smart Mic would take care of that for $200 more).
The Kirkland KS9, didn’t sound as natural, but you could speak on the phone and that was crystal clear.
I will decide today.

To answer your initial question about tinnitus masking to a KS9. Assuming you have a smartphone that will stream to it, yes there is. Basically one puts a tinnitus app on one’s phone and streams.
Secondly you could answer phonecalls directly with the Rexton if you had an iPhone. You’d still need to speak into the phone however. I think either would be a good choice. If for some reason you’re not happy, (assuming in US) you’ve got 180 days to make up your mind and could return and try the other one.

Thanks for your response.
Unfortunately, I have the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Be sure to try your KS9’s phone quality in a noisy environment. With my Phonal Marvels, people have a hard time hearing me when I try to use them in a noisy place. Now I don’t try to use my HA’s to stream calls, I just use the phone and put it on speaker when in a private environment.

I walked around Costco with the Rexton and the Kirkland KS9.
I found that the Rexton sounded better.

If the Rexton’s sounding more natural is why they sounded better, that is more likely a result of how they’re programmed rather than the aids themselves. One reason hearing aids often sound unnatural is because they allow you to hear sounds you haven’t heard in awhile.

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