A newbie navigating hearing aids... quite overwhelmed... considering Oticon

I am looking for some guidance.

Above is my hearing test.

My ENT suggested I would not benefit from a hearing aid for my low frequency loss but encouraged me to try if I am not out any $. The audiologists say I will benefit and have proposed a custom mold BTE hearing aid for my right ear. One audiologist recommended hearing aids for both ears. So I am shopping to try some out.

I struggle most in group environments, in the mall or when there is background noise such as tv or music. I also have tennitus in my right ear and milder in my left ear.

I enjoy being out in nature and doing some birding so obviously having that ability to hone in on a call and then sight the bird is important to me…

Can anyone shed some light as to what type of hearing aid I might benefit from and any idea why my ENT suggested I might not benefit from a hearing aid? Also any suggestions as to if I am a candidate for an entry level, mid level or higher device.
Thanks for any feedback.

Well, to be honest, it is not unusual to get bad hearing aid advice from an ENT. They don’t really make money on hearing loss so not many are motivated to get up to date on hearing aids. You will generally get better advice from an audiologist.

If it was me, I would not aid the better ear. It is normal across most of the speech frequencies.

I had just one hearing aid at first, even though I needed two (I had sticker shock). I did fine with it. It helped a lot.

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Some have an in-house audiology department. Depends on what they prefer to do.

If your canal is big enough and you’re sufficiently dexterous, I’d go for an IIC.

This is one of the few occasions where a monaural IIC makes good sense for the wearer, minimal external fuss, should restore a chunk of the balance between the ears and minimal occlusion with that loss.

OPN 3 IIC this Autumn would be good as there’s no binaural benefits to be had with the upper models, but they do make some pretty small IIC.

Thank-you for your reply and suggestion.
I like the ICI but my dexterity is a little awkward now so I am glad you brought this to my attention.

May I ask of your experience with Widex and Beltone vs Oticon?

I appreciate your reply.

Thanks for your reply… My ENT does have an on-site audiologist but not sure if they prescribe hearing aids.

Thanks for your reply.
I appreciate your comment re 2 aids.
While trialing one aid, I was blown away so I could only imagine what two would do😉

I’m a musician. I wore Phonaks for 26 years. When the time came to get another generation I demoed Starkey, OPN, and Widex 440 Beyond. All were good but the Widex stood out with the best sound. I have custom ear molds.