A more accessible future: AirPods, hearing aids, and the audio technology


Some food for thought: Can Apple AirPods Be Used As Hearing Aids? - Hearing Review

Interesting analysis. But I am intrigued by the OTC and to a lesser degree PSAP products that have separate equalizer control for each ear from a smartphone. Still using the onboard mics of course but for presbycusis…crank up the highs. :slight_smile:

Highlights well Apple’s commitment to accessibility. Not sure they will want to compete too much in the market they are partnered with for HAs but perhaps a basic PSAP app might appear - maybe even from one of those partners?

I hope to GOD Apple’s answer isn’t in the form of AirPods… unless they sell for 50-cents a pair. I’d lose mine again and again and again and again till I was broke.

Goofiest looking doodad I’ve ever seen hanging outta an ear. But then I’m just an old fuddy-duddy of 62.

I already have TWO PAIR of Bose HEARPhones. I wear one pair all day, and swap out for a freshly charged pair. They beat my $6K Starkey Halo’s hands down. I’d move to AirPods in a flash if they had the capability and battery longevity.

Yeah those are just way too much gear to wear for my liking. The much smaller devices like you see people with the little mic and the thing in their ear could be fine. But even more I think I would entertain the idea of PSAP/OTC devices. But certainly interesting to hear that a PSAP/OTC (in effect) seems to work better for you than expensive dispensed HA’s. I don’t know how well those lesser devices work for yet more hard of hearing folks though. Your Hearphones included.

On the topic of PSAPs - wow are these ever reasonably priced. I DO wonder what the audio quality would be like.

Per the Consumer Report results (on a TINY party of THREE users), it appears the PSAPs are really only for those with minimal hearing loss if even. Plus, they lack custom-fitting to one’s audiogram and really don’t do a good job of deciphering conversation in noisy places.

I dunno. Maybe it’s too early in the cycle yet, but I also think y’get what y’pay for. A person with my kind of loss would simply not benefit at all with a PSAP at this time.

I have severe hearing loss(80db).
I have been wearing a PSAP(Bellman Mino) for several months after finding it more effective than my Costco fitted hearing aids.
Its best feature is use in a meeting or any venue involving several people and background noise.
I’m very interested in the Bose earphone and plan to try them on my next trip back to the U.S.